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President of Tynwald:

Deputy President of Tynwald:

Clerk of Tynwald:

Deputy Clerk of Tynwald:

Third Clerk of Tynwald:

Registrar of Members' Interests:


President of Tynwald (ex officio)

Clerk of the Council:


Speaker of the House:

Deputy Speaker of the House:

Secretary of the House & Counsel to the Speaker:

Chaplain of the House:



Clerk of Tynwald, Secretary of the House of Keys & Counsel to the Speaker; Registrar of Members' Interests:

Deputy Clerk and Clerk to the Legislative Council:

Third Clerk:

Assistant Clerk:


Official Report:

Interim Head of Hansard:

Hansard Executives:

Parliamentary Intern:

Ms N K Lowney

Ms P Blackburn BEd(Hons)
Mrs D M Pilkington BA(Hons)
Miss L P Ray NCE BA(Hons)
Ms D K Smith BSc(Hons)
Mr J Gibney BA(Hons) MSt

Ms A Khan


Chamber and Information Service:

Head of Chamber and
Information Service:

Deputy Head of Chamber and Information Service:

Information Executives:

Information Officers:

Parliamentary Intern:

Mrs R Donnelly BA(Hons)

Miss F Gale BA(Hons) MPhil

Mr A Cooke
Miss I Perry BEd(Hons) MA
Miss G Phillips BA(Hons)

Miss S L Kanes
Mrs H E Peet

Mr S Bowers BA(Hons)​

Tynwald Administration Office:

Head of Tynwald Administration Office:

Tynwald Seneschal:

Administration Officers:

Administration Assistant:

Messengers/Security Guards
(Gardyn Coadee)

Standby Messengers:

Ms L E Trimble

Mr S Wright BA(Hons)

Miss J E Lowe
Ms M Specht
Mrs K Tomlinson
Miss P L Convery

Mr R Lawrence
Mr M Watterson
Mrs S Moore

Mr D Allcock
Mrs D Peverall
Mrs A Underhill

Other Officers:

Yn Lhaidher (The Reader):
Mr R Carswell RBV
​​​​​​​​ ​​