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Education Pack - 1881-2021: 140 Years of Women's Right to Vote in the Isle of Man

This education pack ​was produced to mark the 140th anniversary of the first elections to the House of Keys in which some women could vote. 

Education Pack - Women's Suffrage in the Isle of Man

The education pack was produced to support the visit of the Suffragette Flag to the Isle of Man in September 2018.  It contains an overview of the history of suffrage in the Isle of Man, as well as information on women's roles in politics in the Isle of Man. 


House of Keys Election Act 1881 - Women householders given the vote

House of Keys Election Act 1892 - Women leaseholders given the vote

House of Keys Election Act 1919 - Universal adult suffrage

Representation of the People (Franchise) Act 1971 - Voting age lowered from 21 to 18

Registration of Electors Act 2006 - Voting age lowered from 18 to 16



Lydia Becker

Clare Christian OBE

William Taubman Crennell

Harriet Curphey

Sophia Goulden

Betty Hanson

John Allen Mylrea

Richard Sherwood

Marion Shimmin

Infographics and Images

1918-2018: Celebrating Votes for Women in the United Kingdom

​Further Reading

  • Robert Fyson, The Struggle for Manx Democracy (Culture Vannin: 2016)
  • David G. Kermode, Offshore Island Politics: The Constitutional and Political Development of the Isle of Man in the Twentieth Century (Liverpool University Press: 2001)


All newspaper extracts appear courtesy of the iMuseum:

The iMuseum Newspapers & Publications website can be used for free at the Henry Bloom Noble Library or Manx National Heritage Library and Archives.

Special thanks to Jude Dicken for her kind assistance.