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Members' Interests

The Register of Members’ Interests Rules can be found at Annex 7 to the Standing Orders of Tynwald Court

The purpose of the Rules is to place a duty on Members of Tynwald to identify interests which should be registered in order to inform Tynwald Court, the Branches and the public of any circumstances arising from them which could reasonably be regarded as bearing upon the way in which any Member may carry out his/her duties.


Details of Interest
expand Title : August-Hanson, Tanya ‎(14)
expand Title : Eagles, The Rt Rev Peter  ‎(1)
expand Title : Greenhill, Peter  ‎(13)
expand Title : Henderson, Robert William  ‎(5)
expand Title : Lord-Brennan, Kate ‎(2)
expand Title : Maska, Marlene  ‎(1)
expand Title : Mercer, Robert  ‎(9)
expand Title : Poole-Wilson, Jane  ‎(7)
expand Title : Quinn, John Louis Marie ‎(27)
expand Title : Sharpe, Kerry  ‎(2)
expand Title : Skelly, Laurence  ‎(11)