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​Nicola Cowsill | April 2016

In April, the parliament was pleased to welcome visitors to Legislative Buildings from other parliaments in the British Islands and Mediterranean region. Tynwald was visited by the Scrutiny Officer from the States of Jersey; Caro Tomlinson. She spent a week in the Isle of Man as part of a training programme learning about our structure and Committee system, on her departure she noted: “These visits are a real opportunity to share best practice in small jurisdictions and develop close ties, and I‘ve been so impressed by everyone’s professionalism and hard work.”
One of my key roles here is assisting the Clerk of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee. Learning how a Committee works and watching how to clerk a Committee has been an invaluable experience. Assisting the Clerk means that I help gather evidence, organise oral evidences and help write draft reports for the Clerk and the Committee. This month I had to finalise the draft Committee report for the Clerk which would then be submitted for review, and approval, by the Committee before being submitted to Tynwald.
Sir Paul Grice and Tracey White  from the Scottish Parliament visited Tynwald on a one-day visit (pictured below).  Sir Paul Grice is the Clerk of the Scottish Parliament and Tracey White is the Head of Chamber and Reporting at the Scottish Parliament. Part of the one-day visit was spent in the Chamber and Information Service, we talked about how Tynwald as a parliament engaged with citizens and our use of social media to do this.

As I am learning in this position there is never a dull moment and it is a great opportunity to meet people from different parliaments and backgrounds.