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Other Business 

Tynwald Court has a varied business.

Financial business

Tynwald Court is responsible for approving the financial business of the Isle of Man Government. This includes the levying of taxes, approving the annual budget, and money for specific purposes which are not included in the department budgets, for example:

The Minister for Education to move –

That Tynwald approves of the Department of Education incurring expenditure not exceeding £29,668,698 on the "St Ninian's Lower School, Bemahague" scheme.

Financial business is put on the Order Paper as a motion.

Petitions and memorials

Members of the public have the right to petition Tynwald. There are four different ways in which they can do this.

Petitions for Redress (of Grievance) may be presented on Tynwald Day at the foot of Tynwald Hill. They are intended for matters of public interest arising from an individual case that other avenues for redress have been unable to resolve.

Public Petitions and Private Petitions may be presented in any of the three Chambers. While Public Petitions must be presented by a Member, Private Petitions may be presented by the petitioner or a representative. Public Petitions are intended for matters affecting the general public, while Private Petitions are intended for private matters that require the approval or sanction of Tynwald, often a Private Bill.

Memorials may be presented in all three Chambers by anyone whose private interests may be adversely affected by a motion on the Order Paper or a Bill. It is presented by the memorialist.

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Other Papers and Documents

Many kinds of documents are presented to Tynwald.  They range from annual reports of agencies of Government to statutory rules.  Papers may be presented pursuant to statute, at the discretion of a Member, or by order of the Court.  Papers presented to Tynwald are laid by the Clerk of Tynwald and recorded in the Votes and Proceedings.  A copy of each paper to be laid before Tynwald is supplied to every Member electronically.  All papers and documents when presented to the Court are considered public.  They are available from the Tynwald Library and via the hyperlinked Order Paper.

 Votes and Proceedings.

 Order and Question Papers.


Ministers may make statements concerning Government policy or other matters for which they bear a responsibility.  Members may ask Questions arising from the statement.  

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