Charlie Shimmins - November 2016 

All Tynwald Committees are assigned a Clerk to the Committee and an Assistant Clerk.
My role as Assistant Clerk to five active committees of Tynwald has been the bulk of my workload in November. The public call for evidence of the Select Committee on the Organization and Operation of the General Election concluded on the 18th, and received a high number of responses. It has been my task to process all of the responses received. As Assistant Clerk I draft a summarised briefing for review by   the Clerk of the Committee about the topics raised in the responses as a whole for the Committee to review and evaluate.
Following the call for written evidence, the same Committee decided to hold two oral evidence sessions, and I have been busy inviting witnesses to attend and scheduling the order of proceedings. It has been fascinating to see first-hand how a Tynwald investigation is carried out and the way in which a Committee collects evidence and forms opinions and recommendations over the course of the process.
More information about how parliamentary committees work:
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Earlier in the month, I attended a one-day training course called Working with the Legislature. This is an internal course run by the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald and organized through the Learning, Education and Development team in Isle of Man Government.  The session is designed for Isle of Man Government staff to show the process of legislation through Tynwald. All Departments in Isle of Man Government can propose legislation and it is important to understand internal processes and deadlines if there is a key date to be met.  This course was interesting for me because it gave me a new angle of understanding on the way in which Tynwald conducts its business. It was also an opportunity to find out more about the various Departments of Government and the ways in which they interact with the legislature.
This month also saw the completion and delivery of the Tynwald Annual Report. This was a significant undertaking that I have been working on essentially since starting here at Tynwald. It was therefore immensely rewarding to take delivery of copies of the finished publication, and to receive praise from Tynwald members and officers for my work.
I have also organised a number of school visits to Tynwald for the coming months. I sent out a letter to all head teachers on the Island and so far have booked in four school visits, as well as arranged for the President of Tynwald to go and visit several others. Education and outreach is something that Tynwald is keen to promote, so am I very pleased that my letter has had a positive response so far.
Work in the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office continues to be varied and thoroughly engaging. I am looking forward to experiencing my first oral evidence session as Assistant Clerk to the Select Committee on the Organization and Operation of the General Election.