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​Nicola Cowsill | May 2016

This month has been one of my most interesting so far during my internship, and very busy with lots of things happening alongside the day to day business of parliament.
I am Secretary of the Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities (TACD) which has given me so much experience  over the past year. TACD had their Annual General Meeting this month which took a lot of preparation to make sure that everything went to plan. The Council had two guest speakers at this meeting; these were the Minister and Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Health and Social Care. The presentation was very engaging and the Minister and CEO received feedback from attendees. This was my first time organising an event of this size by myself and I was pleased that the meeting ran smoothly.
The Isle of Man Government has asked Lord Lisvane KCB DL to undertake a review of the functioning of Tynwald and to report to Tynwald for its sitting on 19 July 2016.
The Chamber and Information Service provided a research service to Lord Lisvane on behalf of the Isle of Man Government. The Hansard team provided the transcription (Hansard) services. Listening to the audio, it is interesting to hear the diverse opinions on the functioning of Tynwald and the experience of Lord Lisvane in his questioning and interview techniques.
The Cabinet Office Department in Isle of Man Government co-ordinated the visit and the review. Oral evidence sessions were held in the Legislative Council chamber and were broadcast on the Tynwald website using our existing audio facilities. A transcript of all the evidence sessions are online on the Isle of Man Government website:
I am interested to read the report  from Lord Lisvane and any recommendations made which will be published at the last sitting of Tynwald.  

Review of the Functioning of Tynwald

In June 2015 it was resolved in Tynwald:
That Isle of Man Government should establish an independent review using its powers under the Inquiries (Evidence) Act 2003 examine the functioning of the branches of Tynwald and to consider options for reform.
Lord Lisvane was asked to:
• examine the functions of the branches of Tynwald
• assess their efficacy
• consider the scrutiny structure required by the parliament
• recommend any options for reform