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​Nicola Cowsill | ​March 2016

In the first week of this month, I joined the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee (SAPRC) on a visit to the Isle of Man Prison with the Prison Governor. This was an enlightening visit for me as I got to see how the prison works and role that some of the Government Departments play within the Prison. I was unaware of the facilities that are offered to the prisoners to ensure that they get rehabilitated back into society. I was very grateful to the Committee who allowed me to join them.
In the second week of March my colleagues and I were busy doing tours for school children.  At the Clerk of Tynwald’s office we offer scripted and Q&A tours. The particular school I took round had opted for a scripted tour. Each pupil plays a part in the House of Keys in the way a normal sitting would take place. This allows them to understand how they work and what the officers do. As the Chamber and Information staff plays the role of the Secretary of the House as the children have the opportunity to do electronic voting.

Also in the chambers this month, the Lieutenant Governor came to the March sitting of Tynwald as he is about to finish his term as Lieutenant Governor. His Excellency would only usually attend at the beginning of his term and at the end. The Hon. Steve Rodan Speaker of the House of Keys presented him with a gift.
To see a photograph of His Excellency receiving the specially commissioned painting from the Speaker of the House of Keys, the Hon Steve Rodan SHK view this link.

Did You Know: After a bill has gone through the House of Keys and Legislative Council it is signed in Tynwald Court and then goes to the Lieutenant Governor to receive Royal Assent. The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of Queen Elizabeth II who is the Lord of Mann.  Click here to read more about the role of the Lieutenant Governor in the Isle of Man.