In 2017, Tynwald celebrates the 600th anniversary of the passing of the Customary Laws Act in 1417, the very first written Act of Tynwald.  

First among the laws to be written down was the procedure for Tynwald Day, which is largely unchanged to this day.

​"As the supreme will and pleasure of the deemster frequently constituted law, without reference to precedent, Sir John Stanley visited the Island in the year 1417 for the avowed purpose of causing the laws, said to be locked up in the breasts of the judges, to be promulgated, "That henceforth injustice be done to no man under pretence of law."

The people waited with the greatest anxiety to hear what had been artfully concealed from them for many ages. At length the eldest deemster rose, and with an audible voice, published the standing laws of the land, and answered various questions respecting established customs, all which were entered into the statute book, to be thenceforth considered the law of the Island."

From a Historical and Statistical Account of the Isle of Man, by Joseph Train, 1844

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