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Charlie Shimmins - December 2016 

December has been another busy month in Tynwald, and will also be my last in the role of Parliamentary Intern, as I will be starting in a permanent position in Cabinet Office from January.
I may have only been in the role for five months, but it has been a hugely educational and rewarding experience. Being the Parliamentary Intern has given me the opportunity to take on new challenges and develop new skills that I will be taking forward with me.

In particular, working as the Assistant Clerk of various Committees has been not only practical experience in preparing agendas and briefing papers for meetings, taking minutes, implementing decisions and liaising with the Government, politicians and the public; it has also given me an in-depth understanding of the parliamentary process and how Tynwald works to scrutinise Government. Another particular highlight was working on the production of the Tynwald Annual Report, a significant undertaking that I took from design through to print.

A common concern about all ‘Intern’ roles is whether the role carries any responsibility, or whether you’ll be left making tea and filing things. This is certainly not the case in the Parliamentary Internship at Tynwald, where I have enjoyed significant ownership of projects and ability to put forward new initiatives.

While I had previously considered myself to be interested and knowledgeable about the Manx political system, spending time working within Tynwald gives you a thorough level of understanding of the processes and actions that actually allow the parliament to carry out its functions.

I’m looking forward to my next role but know that I will miss working in the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office greatly. The Parliamentary Internship is a great first job for a graduate because of the range of skills and experiences it offers, as well as the opportunity to step out of University and into such a prestigious and important organisation. I would recommend it to anyone.​​