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Guidelines to apply for accreditation under the Tynwald Code of Conduct for Journalists

In January 2017 Tynwald agreed a Code of Conduct permitting accredited journalists and other media personnel to film, record or broadcast within the precincts of Tynwald.
A procedure has been drawn up enabling journalists to apply for accreditation and this involves the completion of two forms: one an application form requiring the applicants details, the other, a copy of the Code of Conduct signed by the applicant. See the link to the left to the combined form.
Upon receipt of the forms they should be completed and returned for the attention of the Clerk of Tynwald via the Tynwald Seneschal.
The applicant will be invited to meet with the Clerk of Tynwald and Seneschal and upon the application being approved a short familiarisation of the building will be conducted to acquaint the applicant with recognised areas used for filming, recording and broadcasting.

It is appreciated that occasionally an application will be made at short notice primarily by media from off island, and in this case the process must still be followed and a minimum of one hour should be allowed to complete any process before any work can take place.

For more information or to make an application, please contact the Tynwald Administration Office: 

Tel: (+44) 01624 685500