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The Manx Loaghtan sheep is a rare breed sheep native to the Isle of Man. The wool is a natural brown colour; the name loaghtan is derived from the Manx Gaelic language where 'Lugh' (meaning mouse) and 'Dhoan' describe perfectly the earthy brown colour of the wool.


The tie made from loaghtan wool is a beautiful mix of modern and classic. The wool adding to the texture of the tie. Perfect for a Manx wedding.

The loaghtan wool has incredible thermal insulation properties which make this loaghtan rug a necessity in the Manx winter. A beautiful natural colour, the rug would complement any natural decor and keep its owner lovely and warm.

All our loaghtan clothing items come from Laxey Woollen Mills, the only remaining woollen mill on the Island.
We also stock loaghtan wool dryer balls from Little Beau Sheep: