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House of Keys 1417 to Date - Alphabetical

The following list of members of the House of Keys has been taken from that prepared by H.M. Attorney General for the Isle of Man (Mr R. B. Moore) and presented to the Speaker of the House (Speaker Clucas) in 1933. Since then it has been kept up to date and serves as an unofficial Roll of Members of the House.

Our records do not go back beyond 1417, although it is obvious from the Customary Laws Act 1417, which contains an account of Tynwald prepared for the guidance of the King of Mann, that the Keys is of much earlier origin.

Written records exist from 1417 and the Roll of Members is compiled from (1) the Acts of Tynwald from 1417; (2) the Liber Scaccari from 1585; and (3) the Liber Juratorum from 1775.

Those from the first source are unfortunately incomplete; many members of the House of Keys did not sign any Act of Tynwald. However, it is thought that from the beginning of the Liber Scaccari in 1585 the list is complete. An asterisk against the name of a member indicates that an amendment has been made to correct an error in the Roll of Members. 

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Radcliffe, Edward1620, 1624
Radcliffe, Henry1593, 1615
Radcliffe, Hubert Hibell1954 - 1963
Radcliffe, John James1976 - 1982Biog
Radcliffe, John Norman1976 - 1985Biog
Radcliffe, Percy1963 - 1980Biog
Radcliffe, Silvester1609, 1639
Radcliffe, Thomas1740, 1789
Radcliffe, Thomas Robinson1929 - 1934
Radcliffe, William1585, 1586
Radcliffe, William John1903 - 1917
Ranson, Edmund1971 - 1976Biog
Ratcliffe, Gilbert1612, 1621
Ratcliffe, Henry1667, 1684
Ratcliffe, Samesbury1642, 1663
Ratcliffe, Silvester1719, 1730
Ratcliffe, Sylvester1678, 1707
Ratcliffe, Thomas1653, 1674
Rede, Iohen (Reade)1417 (1429, 1430)
Reynesson, Andrew1417
Rigby, Armitage1908 - 1909
Rimington, John2000 - 2006Biog
Robertshaw Christopher Roy2010-2011, 2011-2016, 2016-2021Biog
Rodan, Stephen Charles1995-1996, 1996-2001, 2001-2006, 2006-2011, 2011-2016Biog
Ronan, Richard Alexander2011-2016Biog
Rowe, Richard1867 – 1886
Sanbury, Thomas1600
Saunderson, Alfred *1903 - 1904
Sherwood, Richard1869, 1882
Shimmin, Christopher Robert1919 - 1933
Shimmin, John Philip1996 - 2016Biog
Shimmin, Marion (First Lady Member)1933 - 1942
Shimmins, William Catto2016-2021Biog
Simcocks, Alfred Howard1956 - 1974Biog
Singer, Leonard Ian1996-2001, 2001-2003, 2011-2016Biog
Skelly, Laurence David2011-2016, 2016-2021Biog
Skerf, William (Scarffe)1417 (1429, 1430)
Smith, Andrew Joseph2021-Biog
Southward, William Charles1913 - 1919
Spittall, Alexander1846, 1865
Spittall, James1881 - 1891
Spittall, Peter Arthur1966 - 1976Biog
Standish, John1593, 1607
Standish, John1657, 1670
Standish, Wm.1624, 1656
Stanley, Charles1661, 1667
Stanley, George1604, 1630
Stanley, Henry1677
Stanley, John1633, 1644
Stephen, Robert Cannell1956 - 1964
Stephen, Robert Swan1881 - 1897
Stephens, Henry1649
Stevenson, Frederick1803, 1806
Stevenson, John1585, 1615
Stevenson, John1702, 1737
Stevenson, John1775, 1793
Stevenson, John1793, 1800
Stevenson, Reginald1417
Stevenson, Richard1616, 1622
Stevenson, Richard1643, 1662
Stevenson, Richard1673, 1692
Stevenson, Richard Ambrose1762, 1773
Stevenson, Richard Ambrose1787, 1795
Stevenson, Robert1657, 1679
Stevenson, Robert1665, 1689
Stevenson, Thomas1504
Stevenson, Thomas1690, 1719
Stevenson, Thomas1723, 1749
Stevenson, Thomas1748, 1777
Stevenson, William1645, 1650
Stevenson, William1653, 1655
Stevenson, William Augustus1891 - 1897
Stevenson, Wm1733, 1735
Stevenson, Wm.1633, 1650
Sugden, Sir Henry Haskins Clapham1962 - 1976
Swales, George Cuthbert1976 - 1981Biog
Symons, Richard1788, 1808