Clare Margaret CHRISTIAN OBE BSc 



Clare M Christian MLC

Education: Dhoon Primary School, Ramsey Grammar School, Bedford College University of London B.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry

Family: Married to Thomas Quark Christian 1974 (divorced 1987), 1 son

Career: Joined Cadburys Bournville organisation as a Research Chemist working on the application of National and International Food and Drugs Regulations

Public Service: Trustee: The Freda Burgess Memorial Trust for Guiding; Island Commissioner: Guide Association 1991-96; Council Member: Clydesdale Horse Society of Great Britain and Ireland 2003-09 President: Ayre Clay Target Club; President: Maughold Social Club; Involvement in a wide range of local organisations
including Manx Citizens Advice Service, IoM Heavy Horse Society, Football and Rifle Clubs

Interests: Breeding and exhibiting Clydesdale and Shire horses

Honours and Decorations: OBE 2016


Parliamentary Profile 

President of Tynwald 2011-2016

Parliamentary Career

Minister: Health and Social Security 1996-2004

Chairman: Civil Service Commission 1981-82, Board of Social Security 1982-85, Insurance Authority 1986, Planning Committee 2005-08, Tynwald Honours Committee (eo) 2011-16, Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee (eo) 2011-16, Standing Orders Committee of the Legislative Council 2007-11, 2011-2016, Tynwald Members’ Pension Scheme Management Committee (eo) 2011-16

Vice Chairman: Isle of Man Water Authority 2009-11

Member: Whitley Council 1980-82, Board of Social Security 1980-82, Planning Appeals Tribunal 1985-86, Manx Museum and National Trust 1981-86, Health Services Board 1983-85, Finance Board 1985, Treasury 1985-86, Health and Social Security 1993-96, Local Government and the Environment 2004-09, Transport 2004-06, Trade and Industry 2009-10, Economic Development 2010-11, Tynwald Management Committee (eo) 2011-16

Committees of Tynwald:  Petition for Redress 1980, Joint Committee Remuneration of Crown Officers 1983-86, Printing 1985-86, Selection 1985-86, Common Purse 1985-86, Steering Committee on Transport 1985-86, Trade Unions Legislation 1985-86, Civil Service Commission (Personnel Management Structures and Practices) 1993-96, Advisory Council, Misuse of Drugs 1994, Bill of Rights 1993-94, Public Accounts 1995-96, Select Committee on Law and Order 1995-96, Petition for Redress of Grievance of Manmohan Bhandari 1994-95, Select Committee on the Petition for Redress of Grievance of Roy Redmayne 2005-06, Immigration 2007-08, Committee System 2010-11, Select Committee on the Manx Electricity Authority 2005-11

Chairman: Standing Committee of Tynwald on Expenditure and Public Accounts 2004-11

House of Keys’ Committees: Consultative 1983-86, Keys Member for Court of University of Liverpool 1984-86

Committees of the Legislative Council: Select Committee on the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill 2006-07, Standing Orders 2007-11

Council of Ministers’ Committees: Social Issues, Anti-Drugs Strategy, Tax Benefits, Energy and Climate Change, Economic Development, Spadoni, Manx National Economic Development Council, PIF Economic Sub-Committee, Energy, Climate Change and Marine Spatial Planning 2010-11

Chairman: Council of Ministers Retail Policy Working Group 2010-11, Migration Policy Group September 2010-11

Electoral History

First elected as Member of the House of Keys for Ayre in 1980 and re-elected in 1981, contested Ayre unsuccessfully in 1986 when the constituency changed from two seats to one.
Elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in 1993, re-elected in 1998, 2003 and in 2008 until her election as President of Tynwald on the 12th July 2011 for a period of five years

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Joint President: Isle of Man Branch (eo) 2011-2016

Member: Isle of Man Branch Executive Committee 2002-2016

Chairman: Isle of Man Branch Executive Committee 2007-11; CPA Sub-Committee on 2010 British Islands and Mediterranean Regions Conference 2009-10

Regional Representative on the Executive Committee of CPA: 2005-08, Mid-year Executive Isle of Man 2006, Cyprus 2007, Jersey 2008, Acting Treasurer 2008

Branch Representative: Regional CWP Group 2013-2016

Trustee: CPA Working Capital and Conference Assistance Funds 2008–2016

Regional Representative: CPA Working Party – governance structures 2011-2016

Study Visit: Brussels 1993, Westminster, London 2012 

Regional Conferences: Gibraltar 1981, Jersey 1982, Wales 2002, Belfast 2007, Gibraltar 2008, Isle of Man 2010

Plenary Conferences: Trinidad and Tobago 1999 (as Branch delegate), Nigeria 2006, India 2007, Malaysia 2008

Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers: Port-of-Spain 2013