Published September 2016


a. Register of Interests

Information regarding the Register of Interests can be found in the Members' Interests section within the Members & Officers page.

b. Other Responsibilities of Members with respect to their Interests

Members have other responsibilities with respect to their interests. Some of these are enshrined in legislation or set out in the Standing Orders of Tynwald Court and the Branches.

There are statutory restrictions on who may serve, or continue to serve, as a Member. [1] For example, a person’s seat falls vacant if he is declared bankrupt or fails to attend sittings for a protracted period (automatically in the case of the Council; subject to a vote in the case of the Keys). Members are also prohibited by legislation from contracting with or supplying goods to the Government. [2]

The Standing Orders of all three Chambers prevent Members who are legal practitioners, or their partners, from advising on matters which are before the legislature. [3]

Under the Standing Orders of Tynwald Court and the House of Keys a Member may not speak or vote on a matter in which he has a direct pecuniary interest unless that interest is held in common with the rest of the general public of the Isle of Man; and if speaking on any such matter a Member must first declare his interest orally. [4]

c. Conduct

Required Standards of Conduct for Members were approved in April 2016 and can be found as an Annex to the Standing Orders of Tynwald Court. [5]

The conduct of Ministers and members of Departments and Statutory Boards is provided for in the Government Code of Conduct (2007)(as amended 2016). [6]


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