Statutory Documents 2014

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2014-SD-0001.pdfCivil Aviation (Dangerous Goods) (Application) Order 20142014/0001
2014-SD-0005.pdfMerchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 20142014/0005
2014-SD-0006.pdfTransfer of Functions (Manx Utilities Authority) Order 20142014/0006
2014-SD-0007.pdfTransfer of Functions (Dissolution of the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure) Order 20142014/0007
2014-SD-0008.pdfTransfer of Functions (Health and Social Care) Order 20142014/0008
2014-SD-0009.pdfEllenbrook Avenue, Douglas (Speed Limit) Order 20142014/0009
2014-SD-0010.pdfPeel (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0010
2014-SD-0011.pdfRoad Vehicles Lighting Regulations 20142014/0011
2014-SD-0012.pdfLong or Heavy Vehicles (Designated Roads) Order 20142014/0012
2014-SD-0014.pdfIncome Tax (USA)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0014
2014-SD-0015.pdfTaxes (USA)(Intergovernmental Agreement) Order 20142014/0015
2014-SD-0016.pdfDouglas (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment)(No 1) Order 20142014/0016
2014-SD-0017.pdfDouglas (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment)(No 2) Order 20142014/0017
2014-SD-0018.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Contributions)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0018
2014-SD-0019.pdfIncome Tax (Resident Individuals)(Income Tax Cap)(Temporary Taxation) Order 20142014/0019
2014-SD-0020.pdfSocial Security (Contributions)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0020
2014-SD-0021.pdfPublic Sector Compensation Scheme 20132014/0021
2014-SD-0022.pdfDamages (Personal Injury) Order 20142014/0022
2014-SD-0023.PDFSea Fisheries (Experimental Area) (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0023
2014-SD-0025.pdfValue Added Tax (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0025
2014-SD-0026.pdfExcise Goods (Holding, Movement and Duty Point)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0026
2014-SD-0027.pdfRules of the High Court of Justice (Amendment) 20142014/0027
2014-SD-0028.pdfInsurance (Fees) Regulations 20142014/0028
2014-SD-0029.pdfRegistered Schemes Administrators (Fees) Order 20142014/0029
2014-SD-0030.pdfIsle of Man Freeport Free Zone Designation Order 20142014/0030
2014-SD-0031.pdfRoad Vehicles (International Circulation) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0031
2014-SD-0034.pdfSocial Security Benefits Uprating Order 20142014/0034
2014-SD-0035.pdfPension Supplement Scheme (Amendment) Order 20142014/0035
2014-SD-0036.pdfEmployed Person'S Allowance (General)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0036
2014-SD-0037.pdfIncome Support (General)(Isle of Man)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0037
2014-SD-0038.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits)(Application)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0038
2014-SD-0039.pdfFines Etc. (Application for Benefit Deductions) Regulations 20142014/0039
2014-SD-0040.pdfSewerage Charge Order 20142014/0040
2014-SD-0042.pdfHutchinson Zone (Douglas)(Parking Places Designation)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0042
2014-SD-0044.pdfOnchan (Various Roads)(Consolidation of Waiting Restrictions)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0044
2014-SD-0046.pdfRamsey (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0046
2014-SD-0047.pdfDouglas, Traffic Regulations Consolidation (Amendment) Order 20142014/0047
2014-SD-0048.pdfIncome Tax (Disclosure of Information)(Temporary Taxation) Order 20142014/0048
2014-SD-0049.pdfRetirement Benefits Schemes (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 20142014/0049
2014-SD-0050.pdfCinematograph (Licence Fees) Order 20142014/0050
2014-SD-0051.pdfLicensing Fees and Duties Order 20142014/0051
2014-SD-0052.pdfMusic and Dancing Fees and Duties Order 20142014/0052
2014-SD-0053.pdfPensions Increase (Annual Review) Order 20142014/0053
2014-SD-0054.pdfCastletown (Number of Commissioners) Order 20142014/0054
2014-SD-0055.pdfDouglas, Traffic Regulations Consolidation (Amendment)(No 2) Order 20142014/0055
2014-SD-0056.pdfCentral Douglas (Parking Places Designation)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0056
2014-SD-0057.pdfSocial Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (Application)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0057
2014-SD-0058.pdfHarbour Facilities (Charges) Regulations 20142014/0058
2014-SD-0059.pdfHarbour Dues (Fishing Vessels, Work Boats and Construction Barges) Regulations 20142014/0059
2014-SD-0060.pdfHarbour Dues (Merchant Vessels) Regulations 20142014/0060
2014-SD-0060A.pdfRegent Street, Douglas (Loading Bay) Order 20142014/0060A
2014-SD-0061.pdfHarbour Dues (Pleasure Vessels, House Boats, Large Commercial Yachts and Tall Ships) Regulations 20142014/0061
2014-SD-0062.pdfMerchant Shipping (Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems) Order 20142014/0062
2014-SD-0063.pdfMerchant Shipping (Marpol Annex Iv - Prevention of Pollution By Sewage) Order 20142014/0063
2014-SD-0064.pdfTown and Country Planning (Application Fees) Order 20142014/0064
2014-SD-0065.pdfMerchant Shipping (Marpol Annex V Prevention of Pollution By Garbage) Order 20142014/0065
2014-SD-0066.pdfGovernors Sprint (Douglas) Order 20142014/0066
2014-SD-0067.pdfCreg Willey'S Hill Climb (German) Order 20142014/0067
2014-SD-0068.pdfLhergy Frissell Hill Climb (Ramsey) Order 20142014/0068
2014-SD-0069.pdfClassic Cars Sprint and Hill Climb (Suspension of Enactments) Order 20142014/0069
2014-SD-0070.pdfRoad Vehicles, Maintenance & Use (Classic Cars Sprint and Hill Climbs) Order 20142014/0070
2014-SD-0072.pdfPublic Sector Pensions Administration (Fees) Order 20142014/0072
2014-SD-0073.pdfMiscellaneous Public Sector Pension Schemes Bulk Transfer Regulations 20142014/0073
2014-SD-0074.pdfPublic Sector Pension Schemes (Revocation) Scheme 20142014/0074
2014-SD-0075.pdfManx National Rally Order 20142014/0075
2014-SD-0078.pdfStatutory Boards (Annual Sums) Order 20142014/0078
2014-SD-0079.pdfMembers of Tynwald (Annual Sums) Order 20142014/0079
2014-SD-0080.pdfOnchan (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0080
2014-SD-0081.pdfDouglas (Various Roads)(Reserved Parking Places)(Amendment)(No 4) Order 20142014/0081
2014-SD-0084.pdfMinisterial Titles Order 20142014/0084
2014-SD-0085.pdfVarious Roads (Ramsey)(One-Way Traffic)(Consolidation)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0085
2014-SD-0086.pdfCommunity Design Order 20142014/0086
2014-SD-0087.pdfCommunity Trade Mark Order 20142014/0087
2014-SD-0088.pdfPatents (Medicinal Products) Order 20142014/0088
2014-SD-0089.pdfCommunity Design Regulations 20142014/0089
2014-SD-0090.pdfCommunity Trade Mark Regulations 20142014/0090
2014-SD-0091.pdfPatents (Supplementary Protection Certificates) Regulations 20142014/0091
2014-SD-0092.pdfEuropean Union (Ukraine Sanctions) Order 20142014/0092
2014-SD-0093.pdfUkraine Sanctions Regulations 20142014/0093
2014-SD-0096.pdfSpecial Guardianship Regulations 20142014/0096
2014-SD-0097.pdfEuropean Union (Libya Sanctions)(Application)(Amendment) Orde 20142014/0097
2014-SD-0098.pdfEuropean Union (Syria Sanctions)(Amendment)(No.2) Order 20142014/0098
2014-SD-0099.pdfLibya Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0099
2014-SD-0100.pdfEuropean Union (Syria Sanctions)(Amendment)(No. 2) Regulations 20142014/0100
2014-SD-0101.pdfEuropean Union (Ukraine Sanctions)(No.2) Order 20142014/0101
2014-SD-0102.pdfUkraine Sanctions (No.2) Regulations 20142014/0102
2014-SD-0103.pdfBiofuels and Other Fuel Substitutes (Payment of Excise Duties Etc)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0103
2014-SD-0104.pdfOther Fuel Substitutes (Rates of Excise Duty Etc)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0104
2014-SD-0105.pdfRegister of Fines Etc. Rules 20142014/0105
2014-SD-0106.pdfEuropean Union (Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine Sanctions) Order 20142014/0106
2014-SD-0107.pdfTerritorial Integrity, Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine Sanctions Regulations 20142014/0107
2014-SD-0108.pdfChurch Fees Measure (Isle of Man) 20142014/0108
2014-SD-0113.pdfExcise Duties Order 20142014/0113
2014-SD-0114.pdfValue Added Tax (Increase of Registration Limits) Order 20142014/0114
2014-SD-0115.pdfCustoms and Excise Acts (Amendment) Order 20142014/0115
2014-SD-0116.pdfEuropean Union (Central African Republic Sanctions) Order 20142014/0116
2014-SD-0117.pdfCentral African Republic Sanctions Regulations 20142014/0117
2014-SD-0118.pdfEuropean Union (Iran Sanctions)(Proliferation Amendment and Council Decision Revocation) Order 20142014/0118
2014-SD-0119.pdfIran Sanctions (Proliferation)(Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0119
2014-SD-0120.pdfEuropean Union (Zimbabwe Sanctions)(Suspension) Order 20142014/0120
2014-SD-0121.pdfZimbabwe Sanctions Regulations 20142014/0121
2014-SD-0122.pdfIncome Tax (Social Security Benefits)(Exemptions) Order 20142014/0122
2014-SD-0123.pdfFines Etc. (Attachment of Earnings and Application for Benefit Deductions) Rules 20142014/0123
2014-SD-0127.pdfExport Control (Amendment) Order 2014 (Application) Order 20142014/0127
2014-SD-0131.pdfValue Added Tax (Amendment)(No. 2) Regulations 20142014/0131
2014-SD-0132.pdfValue Added Tax Act 1996 (Amendment) Order 20142014/0132
2014-SD-0135.pdfDouglas (The Tongue)(Car Park)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0135
2014-SD-0136.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 7) Order 20142014/0136
2014-SD-0137.pdfPeel (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20142014/0137
2014-SD-0139.pdfVarious Roads, Peel (Prohibition of Waiting)(Consolidation)(Amendment) Order 20142014/0139
2014-SD-0143.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 8) Order 20142014/0143
2014-SD-0144.pdfCastletown (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0144
2014-SD-0145.pdfDogs (Exemption) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0145
2014-SD-0146.pdfYouth Tour Cycle Trials (Ellerslie) Order 20142014/0146
2014-SD-0147.pdfYouth Tour Cycle Trials (Switchback) Order 20142014/0147
2014-SD-0148.pdfAudit (Local Government) Direction Order 20142014/0148
2014-SD-0149.pdfRamsey (Restricted Zone) Regulation of Traffic) Order 20152014/0149
2014-SD-0150.pdfRamsey (Restricted Zone) (Traffic Signs) Authorisation 20142014/0150
2014-SD-0151.pdfTown of Ramsey Traffic Regulations (No Waiting) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0151
2014-SD-0156.pdfRural Roads (Speed Limits) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0156
2014-SD-0158.pdfControl of Employment (Chief Officers of Departments Etc) Order 20142014/0158
2014-SD-0159.pdfEducation (Student Awards) Regulations 20142014/0159
2014-SD-0161.pdfAnti-Terrorism and Crime Act 2003 (Continuation) Order 20142014/0161
2014-SD-0162.pdfTerrorism (Finance) Act 2009 (Continuation) Order 20142014/0162
2014-SD-0163.pdfHouse Purchase Assistance Scheme 2012 (Amendment) Order 20142014/0163
2014-SD-0164.pdfCurrency (John Mcguinness)(50 Pence Coins) Order 20142014/0164
2014-SD-0165.pdfBuilding Regulations 20142014/0165
2014-SD-0167.pdfRules of the Hogh Court (Family Proceedings) (Amendment) 20142014/0167
2014-SD-0169.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 9) Order 20142014/0169
2014-SD-0170.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 10) Order 20142014/0170
2014-SD-0172.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 11) Order 20142014/0172
2014-SD-0173.pdfTown and Country Planning Act 1999 (Extension To the Territorial Seas) Regulations 20142014/0173
2014-SD-0174.pdfPre Tt Classic Motorcycle Road Races Order 20142014/0174
2014-SD-0175.pdfPre Tt Motorcycle Road Races (Suspension of Enactments) Order 20142014/0175
2014-SD-0176.pdfRoad Vehicles Maintenance & Use (Pre Tt Classic Motorcycle Road Races) Order 20142014/0176
2014-SD-0177.pdfPost Tt Motorcycle Road Races (Suspension of Enactments) Order 20142014/0177
2014-SD-0178.pdfRoad Vehicles Maintenance & Use (Post Tt Motorcycle Road Races) Order 20142014/0178
2014-SD-0179.pdfPost Tt Motorcycle Road Races Order 20142014/0179
2014-SD-0180.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) Order 20142014/0180
2014-SD-0181.pdfExceptional Needs Grants and Budgeting Loans (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0181
2014-SD-0182.pdfIncome Support (General) (Isle of Man) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 20142014/0182
2014-SD-0183.pdfMisuse of Drugs (Controlled Drug Specification) (Amt) Order 20142014/0183
2014-SD-0184.pdfCompanies Act 1931 To 2004 (Treasury Share) Regulations 20142014/0184
2014-SD-0185.pdfCompanies Act 2006 (Treasury Share) Regulations 20142014/0185
2014-SD-0186.pdfThe International Tax Compliance (United Kingdom) Regulations 20142014/0186
2014-SD-0187.pdfThe International Tax Compliance (United States of America) Regulations 20142014/0187
2014-SD-0188.pdfTourist Trophy Road Races Order 20142014/0188
2014-SD-0189.pdfTourist Trophy Road Races (Suspension of Enactments) Order 20142014/0189
2014-SD-0190.pdfTourist Trophy Road Races (Road Vehicles Maintenance & Use) Order 20142014/0190
2014-SD-0192.pdfCivil Partnership Act 2011 (Specified Relationships) Order 20142014/0192
2014-SD-0193.pdfRamsey Sprint Order 20142014/0193
2014-SD-0194.pdfEuropean Union (Territorial Integrity Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0194
2014-SD-0195.pdfTerritorial Integrity Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0195
2014-SD-0196.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 12) Order 20142014/0196
2014-SD-0197.pdfRural Roads (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0197
2014-SD-0198.pdfChurch Fees Measure (Isle of Man) 2014 (Appointed Day) Order 20142014/0198
2014-SD-0199.pdfClergy Discipline (Amendment) Measure (Isle of Man) 2013 (Appointed Day) Order 20142014/0199
2014-SD-0200.pdfSouthern 100 Road Races Order 20142014/0200
2014-SD-0201.pdfRoad Vehicles Maintenance & Use (Southern 100 Road Races) Order 20142014/0201
2014-SD-0202.pdfSouthern 100 Road Races (Suspension of Enactments) Order 20142014/0202
2014-SD-0203.pdfEuropean Union (Somalia Sanctions) (Arms Embargo Etc) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0203
2014-SD-0204.pdfSomalia Sanctions (Arms Embargo Etc) (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0204
2014-SD-0205.pdfEuropean Union (Guinea Sanctions) (Application) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0205
2014-SD-0206.pdfGuinea Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0206
2014-SD-0207.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (No.2) Order 20142014/0207
2014-SD-0208.pdfPension Schemes Legislation (Application) Order 20142014/0208
2014-SD-0209.pdfTourist Trophy Road Races (Amendment) Order 20142014/0209
2014-SD-0210.pdfFinancial Provisions and Currency (Designated Person) Order 20142014/0210
2014-SD-0211.pdfShared Equity Purchase Assistance (First Home Fixed) Scheme 20142014/0211
2014-SD-0212.pdfShared Equity Purchase Assistance (First Home Choice) Scheme 20142014/0212
2014-SD-0213.pdfForeign Companies (Miscellanaeous Fees) Order 20142014/0213
2014-SD-0214.pdfForeign Companies Act 2014 (Appointed Day) Order 20142014/0214
2014-SD-0215.pdfForeign Companies (Fees) Order 20142014/0215
2014-SD-0216.pdfCustoms and Excise Acts (Application) (Amendment) Order 20142014/0216
2014-SD-0217.pdfValue Added Tax Act 1996 (Amendmentt) (No 2) Order 20142014/0217
2014-SD-0218.pdfTransfer of Functions (Health and Safety) Order 20142014/0218
2014-SD-0219.pdfBraddan General Byelaws 20142014/0219
2014-SD-0220.pdfMaximum Fare (School Bus Routes) Regulations 20142014/0220
2014-SD-0221.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places (Amendment) (No 13) Order 20142014/0221
2014-SD-0222.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 14) Order 20142014/0222
2014-SD-0223.pdfMerchant Shipping (Marpol Annex Vi - Prevention of Air Pollution) Order 20142014/0223
2014-SD-0224.pdfControlled Machines (Prescribed Amounts and Percentages) Regulations 20142014/0224
2014-SD-0225.pdfOnline Gambling (Exclusions) (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0225
2014-SD-0226.pdfOnline Gambling (Participants' Money) (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0226
2014-SD-0227.pdfOnline Gambling (Registration and Accounts) (Amendment) Regulations 20142014/0227
2014-SD-0228.pdfValue Added Tax (Section 55A) (Specified Goods and Excepted Supplies) Order 20142014/0228
2014-SD-0229.pdfValue Added Tax (Amendment) (No 3) Regulations 20142014/0229
2014-SD-0231.pdfLicensing Court Rules 20142014/0231
2014-SD-0232.pdfMinimum Wage (Young Workers) Reguations 20142014/0232
2014-SD-0233.pdfMinimum Wage (Single Hourly Rate) Regulations 20142014/0233
2014-SD-0234.pdfEmployment (Time off for Public Duties) Order 20142014/0234
2014-SD-0237.pdfTeachers' Compensation Scheme 20142014/0237
2014-SD-0238.pdfMerchant Shipping (Manning and Stcw) Regulations 20142014/0238
2014-SD-0239.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 3) Order 20142014/0239
2014-SD-0240.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 15) Order 20142014/0240
2014-SD-0241.pdfStatement of Changes In Immigration Rules2014/0241
2014-SD-0244.pdfHealth Care Professionals Act 2014 (Appointed Day) Order 20142014/0244
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