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Voting in the Chambers

At the end of a debate all Members present in the Chamber are required to vote on whether or not they are in favour. The Presiding Officer is the only exception – he or she has no vote at this stage. 

Most decisions are made using an oral vote. The presiding officer ask Members to indicate verbally whether they are in favour of the motion (‘those in favour say aye’) or against the motion (‘those against say no’), allowing a pause each time for Members to respond.  Members all respond together saying Aye or No, depending on their view. The presiding officer judges which is the strongest response and states that either ‘the ayes have it’ or ‘the noes have it’.  If a Member wishes the matter to be put to a recorded vote, he or she may request a division by calling ‘Divide’.  This must be done before the presiding officer repeats his or her judgment for the second time.  


If a division is successfully called in Tynwald Court or the House of Keys, an electronic vote is taken. Each Member votes using the buttons found on the desk in front of their seat. Once all Members have voted the Clerk electronically concludes the vote and the result, which displays the vote of each Member, is shown on a screen in the Chamber. The Presiding Officer then announces the result of the division.  In the Legislative Council a called vote is taken, where each Member states whether he or she is voting for or against. The Clerk of the Legislative Council records this information and the presiding officer then announces the result of the division.   

Aye or No?

After each sitting, the results of electronic votes and whether motions were carried or lost are published in Hansard and Votes and Proceedings. You can also find out the results of votes using the Business Search and the Parliamentary Data pages.

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