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March 2021 - Aiza Khan

Before I starte
d my Parliamentary Internship at Tynwald, I wasn’t particularly aware of how its day-to-day running occurred, but now I am far more confident in understanding how Tynwald operates and the parliamentary process three months into my one year parliamentary internship. As both a former political science and law university student it has been a deeply informative experience in consolidating what I have learnt in textbooks and lectures by seeing the interplay of both fields in real-life by working within the parliamentary office supporting the work of Tynwald.

During my short time here I have already been involved in various activities within Tynwald – including working with Hansard in transcribing parliamentary sittings, managing the @TynwaldLive Twitter feed and acting as a Messenger in Tynwald sittings. I am also currently serving as an assistant clerk to the Standing Committee on the Business and Functioning of the Council. The various experiences have allowed me to be more involved than I thought I would be from such an early point in my internship.

Everyone has been incredibly warm in welcoming me to Parliament and offering help and advice when needed, which I’m very grateful for. Despite the fact that much of my time thus far has been spent working in lockdown, I’m particularly thankful towards the Hansard team as well as the Tynwald team at large for being very accommodating and ensuring that my transition from working in the office to home was a smooth process.

I’ve immensely enjoyed my time thus far with the Office of the Clerk of Tynwald and I’m looking forward to being able to re-join the team again once lockdown ends. The 2021 House of Keys General Election will be held during my internship and I am grateful for the opportunity to witness the electoral process from this perspective. I have been interested in politics since school and I would urge all 16 year olds to take the opportunity now to register to vote so they can take part in this years' election.