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August 2021 - Kieran Skehan

A year has flown by and I have come to the end of my internship. I will use my final blog post to reflect on all the activities I have been involved with over the past year. 

I have been heavily involved in Committee work and have had the opportunity to work with several Tynwald Committees, including the Environment and Infrastructure and Economic Policy Review Committees. I have assisted in drafting reports for Committees on Visitor Accommodation, the Legislative Council Standing Orders, the Douglas Promenade Scheme and the ENVI End of Term Report. Committee work has been one of my favourite parts of my internship. I have been able to work directly with Tynwald Members to conduct their inquiries into a wide range of interesting subject matters and have been able to have a tangible impact upon this work through producing several reports.

I have also been able to carry out several pieces of research for Members, committees and the public. I have written three research briefings for the Tynwald website including those on Visitor Accommodation and Members Emoluments in Other Jurisdictions. I have also worked on digitising our collection of historic editions of Standing Orders. Research has been an important way to help Members, Committees and the Public to get hold of the information they need and has been a good way to put to practical use skills learnt at university. 

I was able to assist Rob Callister with his participation in a working group on COVID-19 organised by the CPA BIMR. This included organising a virtual event hosted by the Isle of Man for the wider CPA membership to attend. The working group was a good way for the Tynwald to continue to maintain its strong links with other legislatures around the world and I have been able to listen to some interesting presentations, thoughts and questions from Members and others from all around the Commonwealth. 

Other tasks I have completed have included drafting the Votes and Proceedings for the House of Keys and Tynwald. I was able to get this data set up to date as it had fallen behind during the lockdowns. I was also responsible for organising and running the school visits to Tynwald, and have supported other colleagues by working as a Tynwald Day Usher, Tynwald Messenger and was able to spend some time in the Hansard and Admin Offices.  

My year at Tynwald has been extremely interesting. I have enjoyed getting involved with the huge number of opportunities on offer and I will very much miss working here.  ​​​