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2019 July Emma Gaines

My time at Tynwald has come to an end now. The end of my internship has been a busy period for everyone here at the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office in the lead up to Tynwald Day, which will be my last day where I will be an usher during the ceremony.

The highlight of my time here has been my work in the education and outreach services. I have enjoyed making a difference and expanding the range of programmes Tynwald offers. This aspect of my role is what I would like to continue doing so once I return from travelling. I would like to work and experience the education and outreach services at other parliaments; particularly the Houses of Parliament in the UK. My goal was to leave my intern knowing I have contributed to some interest in Manx politics amongst the youth, something which I am confident I have achieved through my school tours and workshops.

A significant part of my internship has been being assistant clerk on parliamentary committees. No two days being assistant clerk to committees are the same and it has certainly taken me out my comfort zone, giving me a lot more responsibility than I expected coming straight out of university. The skills I have learnt, from writing the minutes and agendas for committee meetings, corresponding with witnesses and being assistant clerk during oral evidence sessions, are ones I am confident will be extremely valuable in the future.

I knew upon leaving university that I wanted a job that was both rewarding and educational. Not only have I been constantly learning new skills, but every day I have learnt something new about Tynwald, parliamentary processes and the history of the Manx parliament. The internship has enabled me to come straight out of university and into a role in an important organisation, with a lot of responsibility.

The start of my year in travelling Australia will begin in October with a month long placement organised by the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office at the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory in Darwin, Australia. I feel incredibly lucky to have been offered this unique opportunity! Although I am looking forward to travelling, I will miss working at the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office a lot. I am extremely grateful for the skills I have learnt, and the experiences and support I have had whilst working here.