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Alex McQuarrie - April 2017

COIN-PACK-min.jpgThe first week of April was very busy as MHKs visited schools across the Island to present anniversary 50 pence coins to all students, read the media release here. April 2017 was the 150th anniversary of the first popular election to the House of Keys, previously a self-elected body. Tynwald wanted to take the opportunity to mark this significant anniversary in Manx political history and asked Isle of Man Treasury for a 50 pence coin to be commissioned that would be presented to all-Island school children.
I was the point of contact for schools and MHKs and was on hand to deal with any questions or logistical issues. I was delighted and proud to see everything go to plan in what was a very large logistical operation dealing with all the schools and all the MHKs.

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The Chamber and Information Service manage the live streaming of Chamber sittings on the Tynwald website: 

On 11th April it was my responsibility to stream the sittings of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council for the Tynwald website’s Listen Live service. The sittings are also recorded and I was then tasked with uploading the audio files to the website’s Listen Again service. This gives members of the public the opportunity to hear the public sittings whenever they please. Undertaking these duties has significantly helped my confidence with I.T and the process of webcasting, and I am sure that this will be a valuable experience for future employment.

In the later weeks of April, I have been getting started on a major project for the Tynwald website that will allow the public to observe every Bill through its life-cycle. The early stage of this project has consisted of collecting and analysing the consultation documents that the Tynwald library hold, as these consultations are often the initial stage of a Bill, and the webpage will include details of all consultations from 2006.

My work with the Committees of Tynwald has continued to serve as a fascinating part of my role here at Tynwald. On Monday 10th April the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee heard oral evidence from the Department of Education and Children, and it was interesting to observe the process of scrutiny that took place. To listen to the oral evidence session with the DEC, click the link here.