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Charlie Shimmins | October 2016

I have turned my hand to a wide variety of tasks in the last month, and working on such a varied range of projects and tasks has involved a lot of learning, but has been enjoyably varied and rewarding.

I have been assigned the role of Assistant Clerk to several committees of Tynwald. The first to meet was the Select Committee on the Organization and Operation of the General Election, which met the day after its formation and election in October’s sitting of Tynwald. I produced the agenda for the meeting, took the minutes during the meeting and then following the meeting I actioned the decisions that had been made. This included making a public call for written evidence, as well as writing to several organisations and individuals to invite them to submit evidence to the Committee. I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to play a role in parliamentary process and am proud to have been entrusted with these responsibilities. Experience of tasks such as the production of meeting agendas as well as formal correspondence with the public will undoubtedly be valuable to me going forward.

I continue to work on education and outreach, including updating the Education Pack, a booklet given to all schools containing some basic information on the workings of Tynwald, explained by parliamentary mascot Tynwald Ted. I included this with a letter sent to the Head teacher of all Isle of Man schools, informing them of the opportunities for visits to schools as well as school trips to Tynwald itself. School groups can either come for a tour of the buildings, to view a sitting from the public gallery or even to participate in their own scripted debate, taking on the roles of politicians, clerks and officers in the chamber itself.

The wide range of other tasks that I have worked on in the last month have all increased my understanding of how the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office works, as well as given me the opportunity to hone transferable skills that will be of value in any organisation.