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Emoluments Committee Members

The Hon J P Watterson SHK 

 Committee Chair (eo)

Mrs D H P Caine

Committee Member

Mr T M Crookall MHK

Committee Member

Dr M E K Haywood MHK

Committee Member




Miss T M August-Hanson MLC

Committee Member

Mr R W Henderson MLC

Committee Member


Mrs M M Maska MLC

Committee Member





News: Legislative Council 26 Oct 2021 Miss August-Hanson, Mr Henderson and Mrs Maska were elected as Members of the Standing Committee of Tynwald on Emoluments from the Legislative Council.

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​Contact the Committee

For enquiries or to submit written evidence please contact:

Ms Joann Corkish 
Clerk to the Committee
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500

The Committee reserves the right to publish any evidence sent to it in the absence of any agreement that the evidence will be confidential.

Committee Remit​

Tynwald Standing Orders

1. There shall be a Standing Committee of the Court on Emoluments.

2. The Committee shall be chaired by the Speaker of the House of Keys and composed of the Members of the Management and Members’ Standards Committee of the Keys, and three Members of the Council elected by that Branch.

3. The Committee shall -

(i) consider and report to Tynwald on -

(a) the emoluments of H E Lieutenant Governor, their Honours the First and Second Deemsters and the Judge of Appeal, H M Attorney General, the High Bailiff, the Deputy High Bailiff and the Clerk of Tynwald;

(b) the Tynwald Membership Pension Scheme; and

(c) in addition to its consultative functions set out in paragraph 8.3(ii) and as it thinks fit, the emoluments of Members of Tynwald;

(ii) carry out its consultative functions under section 6(3) of the Payments of Members’ Expenses Act 1989, as the body designated by the Payment Of Members' Expenses (Designation of Consultative Body) Order 1989.