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The Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee has decided that due to the lifting of social distancing on the Island from Monday 15th June, we will now be issuing press passes for Tynwald Day. The caveat to this change is that, if before or on 6th July social distancing or other restrictions come into force, passes will be withdrawn in order that those restrictions can be complied with.

For Tynwald Day 2020, passes will be required for anyone attending the Tynwald Ceremony in the capacity of journalist or photographer. Persons who are not accredited will not be permitted to enter the ceremonial precincts.

The Guidance for Media Representatives should be read prior to application - available from the Tynwald Office -

To apply for accreditation, please contact

Completed applications must be received no later than Monday 29th June. If your application is successful, you will be able to collect your press pass from this office when you have been contacted to confirm collection is possible.

The Tynwald Day Ceremony 2020 will still be in a modified form with less participants than usual and no enhancements or Tynwald Fair. There will also not be a press stand this year.

Manx Radio will broadcast the proceedings and Greenlight will film to produce a livestream audio-visual – highlights of which will be available to other media organisations later in the day as usual.   



Louise Trimble - Head of Tynwald Administration - 01624 685512

Jonathan King, Deputy Clerk of Tynwald - 01624 686303