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Acts for Promulgation 2020  

Highways (Amendment) Act 2019

AN ACT to amend the Tynwald procedure in respect of certain orders amending the definitive maps for rights of way and associated statements, to amend the definition of "planning approval" for the purposes of the Highways Act 1986; and for connected purposes.

Dormant Assets Act 2019

AN ACT to provide for the establishment of a fund into which the balances of certain dormant assets may be transferred; and for the distribution of money in that fund for charitable and other purposes, subject to a right to reclaim those balances from the fund; and for connected purposes.

Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019

AN ACT to repeal and replace the Charities Registration Act 1989; to make further provision for the registration and regulation of charities; and for connected purposes.

Council of Ministers (Amendment) Act 2019

AN ACT to uphold and support the rule of law, and the independence of the judiciary, on the Island; and for connected purposes.

Income Tax Legislation (Amendment) Act 2019

AN ACT to confirm certain temporary taxation orders; to amend the Income Tax Act 1970; and for connected purposes.

Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act 2019

AN ACT to amend the Town and Country Planning Act 1999 to make provision for national policy directives; to clarify the matters for which provision may be made in a development procedure order and the circumstances in which an application for planning approval may be referred to the Council of Ministers; to provide for a community infrastructure levy and the constitution of the planning committee; and for connected purposes.

Tynwald Proceedings (Amendment) Act 2020

AN ACT to amend the Tynwald Proceedings Act 1876 to make provision about compulsion to give evidence, produce documents or supply information relating to proceedings in Tynwald and about the competence of witnesses in respect of those matters; and for connected purposes.

Public Sector Pensions (Amendment) Act 2020

AN ACT to amend the Public Sector Pensions Act 2011 to remove the requirement to obtain consent for the making of certain schemes; to extend the definition of schemes and provide for the amendment of existing schemes; and for connected purposes.

Emergency Powers (Amendment) Act 2020

AN ACT to amend the Emergency Powers Act 1936 so as to amend the procedure for emergency regulations, confer jurisdiction on courts of summary jurisdiction generally over offences under the Act, to provide for the imposition of fixed penalties, for the temporary continuation of emergency regulations at the end of a state of emergency and to make provision postponing local elections until 2021; and for connected purposes.