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Tynwald Day 2016 - Ceremony and Guests

​The traditional Tynwald Day ceremony begins officially around 09.45 when the participants in the parade assemble at St John's School ready to march up to line the processional way. The Lieutenant Governor arrives just after 10.30 and receives the Royal Salute and inspects the Guard of Honour before laying a wreath on the War Memorial. 

Open the Order of Proceedings for further details.

The service in St John's Chapel begins at 11.00 and the Order of Service can be found here.
Following the service the outdoor part of the ceremony begins with processions to Tynwald Hill. During the ceremony on the Hill the Acts are promulgated, Coroners are sworn in and there is an opportunity to present Petitions for Redress. Those assembled then process back to the church for sittings of Tynwald, during which the Acts are captioned, and the House of Keys. Full details of the ceremony on Tynwald Hill and the sittings in the Chapel may be found here
The Royal Regiment of Artillery

The Royal Regiment of Artillery, also known as the Royal Artillery, RA, or simply as “the Gunners”, will play a key role at this year’s Tynwald Day.  The 12th Regiment RA will provide the Guard of Honour, while the Royal Artillery Band will perform the music for the morning’s Ceremony at St John’s, and again for the Sunset Ceremony in the evening.  General Sir Timothy Granville Chapman GBE, KCB, Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff and currently Master Gunner of St James’ Park will be in attendance as one of the principal guests this year, accompanied by Colonel Richard Collinge OBE ADC, the Regimental Colonel RA. 



The large guns that will be located adjacent to the Processional Way are the Colours of the Royal Artillery. Each Regiment has its own unique Colours. They are the embodiment of the Regiment, recording its proud and costly history.

The year 2016 marks the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Artillery.  This milestone is being celebrated with events worldwide, as part of a programme named Ubique 300, Ubique being the motto of the Royal Artillery meaning everywhere. The focal point of this programme is a global tour by the Captain-General’s Baton, which has been specially designed to represent the Regiment’s 300 years.  

The Baton is visiting 30 different countries, carrying a message of Loyal Greeting that will be signed by the Heads of the Commonwealth Artilleries visited. The Baton reached the Isle of Man on Monday May 9th. It spent the day travelling around the Island, visiting war memorials and various landmarks, before ending the day at Legislative Buildings.  Here it was presented to Madam President by Lt Col Lindsey Forbes of the 103rd Regiment, with Mr Speaker and members of the Isle of Man Royal Artillery Association in attendance. 

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