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​​The Tynwald Honour

Tynwald Honour

The Tynwald Honour Medal is awarded by Tynwald to recipients who have made an outstanding contribution to Manx life over a significant period of time and have demonstrated a selfless commitment in doing so. Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominals TH. 

Recipients are recommended to Tynwald Court by the Tynwald Management Committee which consists of The President (ex officio) and The Speaker (ex officio) and three further elected Members. There is no expectation that the award should be made annually, only when someone is deemed to have met the criteria. 

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Recipients to date 


​Mr Norman Alexander Sayle RI


​Mr Harvey Briggs


Mr Ian Qualtrough JP


​Dr Brian Stowell RBV


​Mr T W Cain CBE


His Honour J W Corrin CBE


​Mrs Nadene Crowther MBE


Mr Hector Duff OBE MM BEM


​Mr Geoffrey Friend Karran MBE


​Mr Bill Dale BEM


Mr Ian Cottier