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Mrs Nadene Crowther MBE TH

Founder of the Isle of Man Hospice

Crowther-Nadene.jpgNadene Crowther was born in Bury in Lancashire in 1938. Her involvement and interest in healthcare began at an early age, when her father enrolled her in the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. Later, as a teenager, she volunteered at her local hospital, looking after geriatric and terminally ill patients. The experience of working with these patients informed her later work in hospice care.

After qualifying as a medical secretary and working at Booth Hall Children’s Hospital in Manchester, she met and married her husband Raymond, a GP. The couple and their children moved to the Isle of Man in 1973. Around this time, she joined the Port Erin branch of the Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association, becoming its Secretary and eventually All-Island Secretary.

As she became experienced in telephone conversations with people living with terminal illnesses, Crowther began to research the burgeoning hospice movement. She was instrumental in the development of a night-nursing service that allowed people to be cared for in their own homes and, after further lobbying of the Island’s medical profession, the Isle of Man Hospice was established in August 1983, initially operating a community service from Sydney Mount in Douglas. St Bridget’s Hospice opened for its first in-patient in March 1988, with an official opening in July of that year by HRH Duchess of Kent. Crowther later served as President of Hospice.

In 1994, Crowther was awarded an MBE in recognition of her work in hospice care.

Unceasing hard work and determination on behalf of the Hospice Movement

Photo credit: John Dennis