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Mr T W Cain CBE QC TH (1935-2021)

Conservationist and Constitutionalist

twcain.PNGThe son of former Second Deemster James Arthur Cain, Thomas William Cain was born in the Isle of Man in 1935. He was educated at Marlborough College and Worcester College, Oxford. After two years of National Service, he was called to the Bar at Grey’s Inn in 1959 and admitted to the Manx Bar in 1961.

Cain then worked for TW Cain and Sons until 1980, when he was appointed as HM Attorney General for the Isle of Man. He held this position until 1993, when he was made Second Deemster. He served as First Deemster from January 1998 to 2002, when he retired.

Cain was awarded the Tynwald Honour based on his national and international work. In the Isle of Man, he was respected for his knowledge of, and articles on, constitutional reform, with his major contribution being the digitisation of Manx legislation. As Honorary Chairman of the Isle of Man Branch of the United Nations Association, he promoted and strengthened​relations with other nations.

Cain also made a significant contribution to wildlife conservation, both in the Isle of Man and further afield. He was a founder member of the Manx Wildlife Trust, and acted as its chairman for 36 years until his retirement in 2010. He was instrumental in the introduction of the 1990 Manx Wildlife Act, which established the principles of protecting many listed species of animals and plants.

Widely recognised for dedication, knowledge, and generosity