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Proclamation Ceremonies in the Isle of Man

The title of Lord of Mann has been held since 1765 by the British Sovereign. The accession of every Sovereign since that date has been proclaimed in Tynwald. From 1830 to 1952 the proclamation was made at Tynwald Hill in St John’s. 

First Proclamation Ceremony 

King Charles III accession was proclaimed in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey at 12 noon on Sunday 11th September 2022. In the Isle of Man, His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor proclaimed the Sovereign at Government House.

A second proclamation ceremony was held in St John’s on 16th September 2022. The second Proclamation was made from Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of the Kings and Lords of Mann. Following this, a resolution of loyalty and condolence was put before a sitting of Tynwald Court in the Royal Chapel.

Proclamation of the Lord of Mann at St John's

The Ceremony was based on the one held at St John’s in February 1952 to proclaim Queen Elizabeth II, and is similar in outline to the normal Tynwald Day ceremony. It will begin with a short act of worship in the Royal Chapel. The actual Proclamation will take place on Tynwald Hill and the sitting will conclude back in the Royal Chapel. 

  • The event was livestreamed and is available on watch again at​
  • The public are welcome to witness the proceedings on the Hill but there will be no Grandstand seating.
  • Sound amplification will be put in place as far as possible in the time available.​ 

Transport and Parking

Limited public parking will be available. Please follow the signs and as directed by Department of Infrastructure staff. Please note any road closure signs and follow the signs and as directed by Department of Infrastructure staff.​

Road Closures

Road Closures


Passes will be required for anyone attending the Ceremony in the capacity of journalist/photographer. Persons who are not accredited will not be permitted to enter the ceremonial precincts. In order to apply for accreditation, please contact this office, in the first instance please telephone 685500 or email​

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