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Update: Department for Enterprise Executive Agencies to appear before Committee

The Economic Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, will be taking oral evidence on Friday 17th June 2022 in the Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Buildings, Bucks Road, Douglas, with a revised start time of 2pm.

Evidence will be heard from the following persons:

At 2 pm – Visit Isle of Man – Angela Byrne (Head) and Ranald Caldwell (Chair).

At 2.45 pm – Finance Isle of Man – Susan Preskey (Chair) and Michael Crowe (Chief Executive).

At 3.30 pm – Digital Isle of Man - Lyle Wraxall (Chief Executive) and Phil Adcock (Chair).

The originally planned session from 1.15pm with Business Isle of Man will now be rescheduled to an alternative date.

This is an annual general oral evidence session at which a range of topics will be discussed.

The evidence will be taken in public. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and the proceedings can also be heard on the “live and listen again” audio webcast service on the Tynwald website:

The members of the Economic Policy Review Committee appointed by Tynwald are Mrs Claire Christian MHK (Chair), Mr John Wannenburgh MHK, and Mr Jason Moorhouse MHK.

For further information contact:
Carlos Phillips
Clerk to the Committee
Telephone: 01624 685510 ​
Published - 16/06/2022