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Built Heritage : Call for Evidence

At the April 2022 sitting, Tynwald recognised the importance of the Island’s historic built heritage and agreed that the Government should take a cross-departmental approach in its aims to conserve, preserve and enhance this aspect of the built environment.  A Select Committee was established to:

•Assess options for incentives and penalties to address the challenges facing owners, local and national Government, and other stakeholders; and

•Assess what policies, schemes and measures exist elsewhere and how these could be adopted by Government.

The Committee would like to invite written submissions from anyone who wishes to comment on this matter.  

Submissions should be sent to the address below by noon on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.  Email is preferred but hard copy is equally acceptable.  

Please be aware that the Committee may choose to make public any information it receives. Personal contact details are routinely redacted in advance of such publication. If there is any other information in your submission that you do not wish the Committee to publish, or that you believe the Committee should not publish, please explain this in your submission. 

The Members elected to the Committee are Jason Moorhouse MHK, Bill Henderson MLC, and Marlene Maska MLC.  The Committee has elected Mrs Maska as its Chair.    

The progress of the Committee’s inquiry can be followed via the Tynwald website.  

For further information contact: 
Francisca Gale
Clerk to the Committee 
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Tel:(01624) 685500

Published - 26/05/2022