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President welcomes new Tynwald practices and procedures

The President of Tynwald, the Hon Laurence Skelly MLC, has welcomed the new Tynwald practices and procedures to be implemented from next month.

A new Register of Business will be used for all the business of Tynwald Court except the Budget – namely motions for debate, and papers for laying. By ensuring that these are published further in advance of a sitting, the new procedures will give Members more time to prepare for debates, including more time to engage with the public.

The time limits for Oral Questions are unchanged, with Members having to submit these eight days before the sitting at which they are to be asked and answered.

Under a new system, Members will be able to submit Written Questions at any time, with Questions and Answers being published on the Tynwald website without being linked to any particular sitting.

New proposals will allow Members to refer an item of secondary legislation to the Branches, where they will be able to debate and vote on amendments. Amendments agreed to by the Branches will have no direct legal force but they will send a strong political signal to the Minister or other authority responsible for making the secondary legislation.

Mr President said:

“I welcome the new procedures which were the result of a long and complex piece of work by the Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald during the last administration. The Register of Business offers a real possibility of enhancing the quality of debate in Tynwald, and of increasing engagement between Tynwald and the public. When Tynwald resumes in October, I hope that all Members will get behind the new system and make the most of it, in the interests of Tynwald and of the public.”

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Published - 12/08/2021