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Bounty Day Recognised

​Bounty Day, the national holiday of Norfolk Island, is being recognised by the flying of the Norfolk Island flag outside the Legislative Buildings in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Today (8th June 2021) is the 165th anniversary of Pitcairn Islanders arriving on Norfolk Island. Pitcairners were descendants of the infamous sailors from the “Mutiny on the Bounty” who, under their leader Fletcher Christian, began a new life in 1790 with their Tahitian consorts on the Pitcairn Islands in the south Pacific, roughly half way between New Zealand and Chile at around 5,500km from each. After outgrowing the tiny Pitcairns, a community of eight family groupings relocated in 1856 to Norfolk Island, just 750km north west of New Zealand (although today a territory of Australia).

Ten years ago a Cultural Agreement was established between the Isle of Man and Norfolk Island and was signed on Tynwald Day, 5th July 2011, by the then President of Tynwald Noel Cringle and the then Speaker of the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly, Robin Adams. The Agreement acknowledges that the Isle of Man and Norfolk Island share a strand of history; that there are common ties of family and culture between the two islands; and that there has been considerable movement of citizens between the two communities for purposes including business and family history.

8th June 2021
For further information contact:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings
Tel: (01624) 685500
Published - 08/06/2021