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Tynwald Members’ pay: independent review to be debated

Tynwald will this month debate the report of an independent Panel proposing a series of reforms to Members’ pay and expenses at no additional cost to the taxpayer. 

The remit of the Independent Panel was to come forward with cost-neutral proposals to a number of recurring issues around Members’ pay.

If Tynwald supports implementation of the Panel’s proposals, this would result in:

•  abolition of the tax free annual sum for expenses;

•  introduction of differential pay between the Branches, with the indirectly-elected Members of the Legislative Council being paid less than the popularly-elected Members of the House of Keys;

•  a reduction in the number of positions where additional pay can be awarded by the Chief Minister or Council of Ministers, with no financial penalty for Members who choose not to serve on Departments, and instead apply constructive scrutiny from Parliament.

The Hon Juan Watterson SHK, Chair of the Standing Committee of Tynwald on Emoluments, said:

“Members’ pay has been debated many times over the last 23-years, but with no material change. However, Tynwald has made it clear that it expects the Emoluments Committee to commission an independent review and bring the results of that review to Tynwald for a vote. We have done exactly that.

“This debate is an opportunity for Tynwald to introduce much-needed reforms which have eluded us for nearly a quarter of a century. We have agreed previously that there should be an end to anomalies such as the unfair tax-free expenses allowance. Accepting this report makes that happen in a simplified system that will not cost the taxpayer any more money, which deserves every Member’s support.”

The members of the independent Panel were Ian Cochrane (chair), Jennifer Houghton and Sir Miles Walker.

Their review was conducted between May and November 2019.

The report, which incorporates the results of a public consultation, was published in January 2020 and can be read here.

For more information contact:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings
Tel: 01624 685500
9 October 2020
Published - 09/10/2020