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Sittings of the Branches return to the Legislative Buildings

​With effect from Tuesday 23 June the House of Keys and the Legislative Council will resume sitting in their own Chambers in Douglas.

The House of Keys will sit at 10am on Tuesday 23 June and Tuesday 30 June.

Thanks to the return to physical sittings, the Legislative Council can revert to its sitting timetable as planned before the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore the Council will sit at 10.30am on Tuesday 23 June and on Tuesday 30 June.

The Legislative Council sitting which commences  on Tuesday 23 June may continue into Wednesday 24 June, depending on progress made with what is expected to be a long Order Paper. The Legislative Council will also sit on Tuesday 30 June in any case.

The public galleries for all these sittings will be open and will be accessible via the Bucks Road entrance in the normal way.

The Finch Road entrance to the Legislative Buildings will be open from 9 am on Monday 22nd June 2020, although the Tynwald Library and shop will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Contact point for further information:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald and Clerk of the Legislative Council
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 3PW
01624 686303
Published - 18/06/2020