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Sittings of Tynwald Court and the Branches

The Presiding Officers have directed that Tynwald Court and the branches will sit on the dates shown on the programme below, which will take the Chambers until the end of the Session.

There will be the following changes in times:

  • Legislative Council will sit at 10am on Wednesday 27th May
  • House of Keys will sit at 2:30pm on Friday 29th May

 For June and July the start times will then be:

  • House of Keys sittings at 10am
  • Legislative Council sittings at 10am (rather than 10:30am)
  • Tynwald Court extraordinary sittings at 2.30pm
  • Tynwald Court ordinary sittings at 10.30am
Tynwald Court​ House of Keys ​ Legislative Council
Tuesday 26 May (extraordinary) ​ ​Friday 29 May  ​Wednesday 27 May
Friday 5 June (extraordinary)​ ​Tuesday 2 June  ​Wednesday 3 June
Tuesday 16 June (ordinary​) ​Tuesday 9 June ​Wednesday 10 June
Friday 26 June (extraordinary) ​ ​Tuesday 23 June  ​Wednesday 24 June
Tuesday 21 July (ordinary)​ ​Tuesday 30 June 


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For further information contact:
Roger Phillips
Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings
Published - 22/05/2020