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​​2022 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon. 
2235.aspxTynwald Study Visit Informs and Surprises TCI Delegation
2232.aspxYouth Justice: Committee to hear evidence16/06/2022
2233.aspxBuilt Heritage: Further call for evidence16/06/2022
2234.aspxUpdate: Department for Enterprise Executive Agencies to appear before Committee16/06/2022
2231.aspxPetitioners advised to seek advice in advance of Tynwald Day14/06/2022
2230.aspxDepartment of Health and Social Care to appear before Social Affairs Committee01/06/2022
2226.aspxDepartment for Enterprise Executive Agencies to appear before Committee01/06/2022
2228.aspxOffice of Fair Trading and Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority to appear before Committee01/06/2022
2223.aspxTynwald Day 2022 – Tradition, Community and Celebration31/05/2022
2225.aspxConstitutional Inquiry : Committee to hear evidence30/05/2022
2227.aspxCelebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee30/05/2022
2229.aspxBuilt Heritage : Call for Evidence26/05/2022
2222.aspxYouth Justice: Committee to hear evidence18/05/2022
2207.aspxDepartment of Education, Sport and Culture to appear before Social Affairs Committee16/05/2022
2221.aspxManx Gas to appear before the Economic Policy Review Committee08/04/2022
2220.aspxExtraordinary Tynwald Sitting 7 April 202205/04/2022
2219.aspxSt Christopher's to appear before Justice Committee01/04/2022
2215.aspxDelegates hail 'inspirational' CPA BIMR Conference31/03/2022
2218.aspxInfrastructure Minister to appear before Committee30/03/2022
2217.aspxCANCELLED Committee to hear evidence from Executive Agencies28/03/2022
2213.aspxTreasury Minister to appear before Committee21/03/2022
2214.aspx51st British Islands and Mediterranean Regional Conference21/03/2022
2212.aspxGas prices: Barry Murphy to appear before Committee18/03/2022
2211.aspxCommittee to hear evidence from Chris Thomas MHK14/03/2022
2210.aspxEconomic Policy Review Committee to hear evidence from the Department for Enterprise07/03/2022
2209.aspxHousing and Homelessness Poverty Inquiry Evidence Session04/03/2022
2208.aspxChief Constable to appear before Justice Committee01/03/2022
2206.aspxGambling Supervision Commission to appear before Economic Policy Review Committee18/02/2022
2205.aspxFootpaths, Bridleways and Green Lanes: Committee to hear further evidence15/02/2022
2203.aspxCabinet Office to appear before Economic Policy Review Committee08/02/2022
2204.aspxPraise for Junior Tynwald students’ relevance and topicality04/02/2022
2202.aspxFootpaths, Bridleways and Green Lanes Committee to hear evidence27/01/2022
2201.aspxDepartment of Home Affairs to appear before Social Affairs Committee26/01/2022