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2017 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon.
17101.aspxDepartment for Enterprise Grants: Committee Inquiry Launched21/12/2017
17100.aspxTynwald Library hosts Isle of Man Prison Art and Craft Exhibition21/12/2017
17102.aspxPresident of Tynwald gives tour of Chambers to Lord Chancellor21/12/2017
1798.aspxTynwald supports Parliament of Sierra Leone in strengthening research capacity06/12/2017
1799.aspxTynwald delegation participates in Montserrat PAC workshop06/12/2017
1797.aspxMental Health and Nursery Places Provision Public Evidence Session04/12/2017
1796.aspxHospital Overspend Evidence Session01/12/2017
1794.aspxPositive outcomes for Tynwald delegation at 63rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference30/11/2017
1795.aspxSt Helena PAC members ‘eager to draw on Tynwald body of knowledge’30/11/2017
1793.aspxSewage treatment: Committee to hear oral evidence28/11/2017
1792.aspxBills process submissions invited24/11/2017
1790.aspxGovernment accounts questions invited23/11/2017
1789.aspxIOM Constabulary budget oral evidence 22/11/2017
1791.aspxTynwald celebrates 130 years of Hansard22/11/2017
1788.aspxCommonwealth Day Observance 201821/11/2017
1787.aspxTynwald Christmas carol service20/11/2017
1785.aspxHead of KPA delegation says Tynwald study visit will ‘strengthen legislative process’20/11/2017
1786.aspxSewage treatment: MUA to appear before Committee16/11/2017
1784.aspxAcclaimed artist gifts painting of landmark Venetian basilica to Tynwald26/10/2017
1783.aspxPAC clerk to Falkland Islands’ Legislative Assembly hails Tynwald study visit ‘very worthwhile’13/10/2017
1782.aspxNew Bishop of Sodor and Man welcomed to Tynwald 09/10/2017
1781.aspxTynwald represented at inaugural PAC Network meeting in Wales09/10/2017
1779.aspxHospital overspend Committee to hear oral evidence03/10/2017
1778.aspxOpen Skies Committee calls for evidence27/09/2017
1777.aspxIRIS Scheme New evidence26/09/2017
1776.aspxIRIS Scheme: Committee to hear oral evidence20/09/2017
1775.aspxDED Minister and CEO to appear before Tynwald Committee13/09/2017
1774.aspxChild abuse - update from Social Affairs Policy Review Committee11/09/2017
1773.aspxTynwald Hansard support to National Assembly of The Gambia helping to ‘bring parliament to the people'22/08/2017
1772.aspxLibrary services: Committee wants to hear your views21/08/2017
1771.aspxSea and Air Cadets recognised in Best Turned Out awards11/08/2017
1770.aspxPresident pays tribute to Derek Brown, former Head Messenger01/08/2017
1769.aspxChild abuse: call for evidence25/07/2017
1766.aspxTynwald Hansard project to support National Assembly of The Gambia24/07/2017
1768.aspx2017 Junior Tynwald hailed ‘outstanding’ 21/07/2017
1767.aspxVision Nine: David Cretney MLC to appear before Committee19/07/2017
1762.aspxVision Nine: Chief Executives and Chief Constable to appear before Committee07/07/2017
1765.aspxIRIS Scheme: Committee to hear oral evidence07/07/2017
1764.aspxTynwald ‘a parliament of great maturity’ declares KPA head of delegation07/07/2017
1760.aspxWelcome to Tynwald Day and Tynwald Fest28/06/2017
1761.aspxConsolidation of endoscopy services at Noble’s: Committee to hear oral evidence on handling of decision28/06/2017
1758.aspxTreasury Minister & Chief Financial Officer to appear before Tynwald Committee26/06/2017
1759.aspxMental Health Committee to hear evidence21/06/2017
1757.aspxChartered Accountants’ president visits Island - Speaker Watterson picks up top-level post in London18/06/2017
1756.aspxDEFA Minister and Chief Executive before Committee08/06/2017
1755.aspxCayman Islands’ general elections ‘reflect will of the people’ says President of Tynwald05/06/2017
1754.aspx9th Commonwealth Youth Parliament03/06/2017
1752.aspxTynwald Day 2017: Ceremony and celebration22/05/2017
1749.aspxTynwald delegation to attend BIMR conference in Gibraltar22/05/2017
1753.aspxIntern position in the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office19/05/2017
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