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2015 Media Releases

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1567.aspxKenyan PSC delegation hails study visit to Tynwald ‘experience of a lifetime’17/12/2015
1566.aspxSocial care procurement: Committee to hear oral evidence in public04/12/2015
1564.aspxOral Evidence: Department of Economic Development02/12/2015
1565.aspxDarwin Commonwealth Youth Parliament hailed 'incredible experience' by Isle of Man delegate26/11/2015
1563.aspxChild protection: Tynwald Committee seeks first-hand accounts on confidential basis 23/11/2015
1562.aspxTynwald hosts study visit for senior Guernsey and Jersey clerks17/11/2015
1561.aspxTynwald Christmas Carol Service16/11/2015
1560.aspxTynwald welcomes Sri Lankan church official10/11/2015
1559.aspxCommittee calls for evidence on Operation of the Jury System09/11/2015
1557.aspxHome Affairs Minister to appear before Committee06/11/2015
1556.aspxInfrastructure Minister and Chief Executive before Committee04/11/2015
1558.aspxFirst-time buyer scheme: call for evidence02/11/2015
1555.aspxSpeaker writes in ‘The Parliamentarian’ on Island’s 150 years of electoral reform15/10/2015
1554.aspxEducation Minister to appear before Committee 09/10/2015
1553.aspxTynwald study visit provides valuable outcomes for Montserrat Presiding Officer and Clerk26/09/2015
1552.aspxPresident of Tynwald congratulates longest-serving Lord of Mann14/09/2015
1551.aspxEconomic Policy Review Committee Oral Hearing with Minister Skelly and CEO Chris Corlett10/09/2015
1550.aspxChild protection: further witness to appear before Committee09/09/2015
1549.aspxAnimal Welfare: Committee to hear from petitioner and others02/09/2015
1547.aspxIsle of Man Coastguard receives Best Turned Out awards for Tynwald Day 201501/09/2015
1548.aspxCPA Small Branches committee workshops hailed a success27/08/2015
1546.aspxTynwald setting for CPA Small Branches committee workshop06/08/2015
1545.aspxWorkshop for the Disabled ‘honoured’ by Tynwald commission31/07/2015
1544.aspxTynwald recognises Dean’s contribution to Manx community29/07/2015
1543.aspxStudents’ ‘outstanding’ contributions distinguish Junior Tynwald27/07/2015
1518.aspxTynwald Honour nominations invited22/07/2015
1541.aspxSelect Committee on Animal Welfare Oral Evidence20/07/2015
1542.aspxNorfolk Island recognises Tynwald Day19/07/2015
1539.aspxWorld famous sculptor donates maquette to Tynwald15/07/2015
1540.aspxTynwald exhibition marks 250th anniversary of Revestment Act10/07/2015
1538.aspxEnvironment & Infrastructure Policy Review Committee to Question Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture07/07/2015
1537.aspxTransforming Government and Cost Improvement Programmes: PAC oral evidence 02/07/2015
1536.aspxChild protection: expert witness to appear before Committee25/06/2015
1532.aspxVisiting military band ‘delighted’ to be at Tynwald Day23/06/2015
1533.aspxVikings and villages returning to St John’s on Tynwald Day18/06/2015
1535.aspxSilt: evidence to be heard by PAC18/06/2015
1534.aspxMr Speaker returns from heading BVI Election Observer Mission17/06/2015
1529.aspxTynwald delegation attends 45th BIMR conference05/06/2015
1528.aspxCPA HQ Secretariat seeks Secretary-General05/06/2015
1530.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2015: Five candidates for two positions05/06/2015
1527.aspxCommittee on committees sits in public28/05/2015
1526.aspxHouse of Commons Clerk attends Tynwald study visit 20/05/2015
1525.aspxIntern position in the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office13/05/2015
1523.aspxTynwald welcomes Methodist Conference delegates05/05/2015
1524.aspxTreasury Minister and Chief Financial Officer to appear before Committee 05/05/2015
1522.aspxPOSTPONED: Environment & Infrastructure Policy Review Committee to Question Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture22/04/2015
1521.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2015: Three candidates for two positions16/04/2015
1520.aspxChief Minister and Chief Secretary to appear before Committee14/04/2015
1519.aspxReview of Tynwald's committee system: call for evidence08/04/2015
1516.aspxManx students ‘honoured’ to have attended Observance of Commonwealth Day25/03/2015
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