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2013 Media Releases

To open any of the committee papers listed below click on the document icon.
1381.aspxCall for Evidence: Care and Upbringing of Children18/12/2013
1380.aspxTynwald Annual Report18/12/2013
1379.aspxOral Evidence: Countryside Care Scheme17/12/2013
1378.aspxOral Evidence re: Government IT Failure13/12/2013
1377.aspxKirk Michael Committee to hear from Heritage Homes28/11/2013
1376.aspxParliamentary App of the Year27/11/2013
1375.aspxBuilding turned Red for World Aids Day27/11/2013
1372.aspxHome Affairs Minister to be questioned by Committee26/11/2013
1374.aspxGuernsey delegation welcomed26/11/2013
1373.aspxTynwald Carol Service26/11/2013
1371.aspxPublic Service Broadcasting: Further Oral Evidence Hearing19/11/2013
1370.aspxQuestion of Urgent Public Importance18/11/2013
1369.aspxOral Evidence re Countryside Care Scheme12/11/2013
1368.aspxMinister for Infrastructure to give Evidence05/11/2013
1367.aspxOral Evidence: DED Minister to attend26/10/2013
1366.aspxWestminster officer explores parliamentary outreach in the Isle of Man25/10/2013
1365.aspxVisitor online booking system: call for evidence23/10/2013
1364.aspxViscount Slim visits Tynwald Chambers23/10/2013
1363.aspxPresident of Tynwald welcomes Lord Neuberger21/10/2013
1362.aspxActing Attorney General to give Evidence17/10/2013
1361.aspxPresident of Tynwald welcomes Lord Raglan08/10/2013
1360.aspxVisitors’ online booking system: PAC to investigate07/10/2013
1359.aspxTynwald delegation attends CPA conference in South Africa13/09/2013
1358.aspx‘Smart move’: Best turned out units recognised by Tynwald27/08/2013
1357.aspxHome help: New house owner wins Tynwald Day competition23/08/2013
1356.aspxPresident of Tynwald welcomes peer walking for Syria’s children23/08/2013
1354.aspxJunior Tynwald 201330/07/2013
1355.aspxPresident congratulates Island squad24/07/2013
1353.aspxCongratulations conveyed to the Royal couple23/07/2013
1350.aspxPresident of Tynwald celebrates Bounty Day16/07/2013
1351.aspxSocial Care Minister to appear before Committee11/07/2013
1352.aspxTwo Ministers to give evidence on Sefton Group15/07/2013
1349.aspxBroadcasting Committee to hear Evidence10/07/2013
1347.aspxOral Evidence Hearing: Sefton Group08/07/2013
1336.aspxJunior Tynwald 201308/07/2013
1348.aspxWatch Tynwald Day Live on BBC Website30/06/2013
1344.aspxTynwald Day Badge Competition Winners02/07/2013
1345.aspxRN Warships support the Ceremony01/07/2013
1346.aspxCanon Alger portrait débuts at Tynwald Library exhibition 01/07/2013
1343.aspxBob Carswell RBV is new Yn Lhaihder01/07/2013
1342.aspxTynwald Day paintings to feature in 2014 Year of Culture celebrations26/06/2013
1335.aspxTynwald gets into its ‘strides’ with Wallace and Gromit26/06/2013
1341.aspxTreasury Minister to give evidence25/06/2013
1340.aspxOpen Skies: Oral Evidence Session25/06/2013
1339.aspxCountryside Care Scheme: Call for Evidence20/06/2013
1338.aspxPublic Service Broadcasting: further oral evidence17/06/2013
1333.aspxTynwald Day 2013 to get to the ‘art’ of the matter14/06/2013
1334.aspxTynwald Committee engages radio consultant John Myers28/05/2013
1332.aspxVintage car enthusiasts enjoy ‘rally’ good time at Tynwald23/05/2013
1330.aspxPresident welcomes leading Rotarians to Tynwald20/05/2013
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