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2012 Media Releases 

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1284.aspxElections to the Legislative Council20/12/2012
1282.aspxTynwald Annual Report 2011-1213/12/2012
1281.aspxCommonwealth Day Observance 201310/12/2012
1280.aspxBiography presented to President of Tynwald06/12/2012
1279.aspxCall for Evidence re: Open Skies30/11/2012
1278.aspxPublic Accounts Committee to hear Oral Evidence29/11/2012
1276.aspxMinister for Social Care to appear before Committee28/11/2012
1277.aspxFurther Space Industry Evidence Session28/11/2012
1275.aspxTynwald welcomes Lord McNally20/11/2012
1274.aspxTynwald Carol Service12/11/2012
1273.aspxPublic Accounts Committee: Signature07/11/2012
1258.aspxTynwald pays tribute to St Helena slave06/11/2012
1272.aspxInfrastructure Minister to give evidence05/11/2012
1271.aspxTynwald welcomes Shetland Islands guests01/11/2012
1270.aspxPre-School Investigation Continues29/10/2012
1269.aspxRescheduled PAC Oral Hearing re: Signature23/10/2012
1268.aspxMinister for Home Affairs to appear before Committee18/10/2012
1265.aspxTynwald hosts the Committee Secretariat Network15/10/2012
1267.aspxCANCELLED Public Accounts Committee 12th Oct 201211/10/2012
1266.aspxMinister for Economic Development to give evidence09/10/2012
1264.aspxPre-school education investigation continues04/10/2012
1263.aspxOral Hearings on DTL and ISD Contracts03/10/2012
1262.aspxPresident of Tynwald welcomes NAMA vice-president26/09/2012
1261.aspxTynwald Delegation attends 58th CPA Conference14/09/2012
1260.aspxSocial Care Minister to Appear Before Committee06/09/2012
1259.aspxPresident of Tynwald attends 51st NAMA convention31/08/2012
1257.aspxBus Ticketing under the spotlight16/08/2012
1256.aspxThree day study visit from Jersey07/08/2012
1255.aspxPeter Kennaugh Olympic Success03/08/2012
1254.aspxTynwald Day knowledge ‘adds up’ to success for Peel couple27/07/2012
1252.aspxJunior Tynwald Generates Lively Debate25/07/2012
1253.aspxPhotography exhibition at Tynwald Library 24/07/2012
1250.aspxAnnual Sitting of Junior Tynwald10/07/2012
1251.aspxTynwald Annual Report10/07/2012
1249.aspxHealth Minister to give evidence02/07/2012
1245.aspxFurthering inter-parliamentary links30/06/2012
1247.aspxFurther Evidence on the Space Industry22/06/2012
1248.aspxEnvironment Minister to give Evidence22/06/2012
1244.aspx‘Speakers’ Portraits – Techniques Uncovered'19/06/2012
1243.aspxCeremony, celebration… and circus for Tynwald Day18/06/2012
1246.aspxPre-school education: two Committee hearings15/06/2012
1242.aspx'Racing' to fly the Norfolk Island Flag31/05/2012
1241.aspxTynwald launches new Website31/05/2012
1240.aspxFormer Education Minister to give evidence30/05/2012
1236.aspxTynwald Garden Party 1st July 201229/05/2012
1237.aspxParliamentary Officers' Study Programme24/05/2012
1238.aspxDiamond Jubilee Congratulations22/05/2012
1239.aspxTreasury Minister to give evidence to Economic Policy Review18/05/2012
1233.aspxPortrait of noted Manx parliamentarian donated to Tynwald08/05/2012
1234.aspxFurther Evidence - Space Industry03/05/2012
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