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Bills process submissions invited


The Select Committee on the Functioning of Tynwald is continuing its enquiry into the matters referred to it by Tynwald having reported on those matters on which Tynwald asked for a Report by October.

The Committee would welcome submissions from members of the public on the following issues relating to the process of legislation that were referred to it by the extension to the Committee’s remit in July 2017:

Whether the following changes to draft Bill procedure be adopted:

i. Draft legislation be automatically referred to the relevant principal committee instead of being subject to the existing formal consultation procedure; but that the relevant principal committee seek the views of the public;

ii. In considering the draft Bill, the committee take evidence from experts in the field and from persons who may be affected by the proposed legislation;

iii. Amendments to the Long Title of a Bill be authorized by an instruction moved immediately after second reading (which instruction would be open to amendment);

iv. Amendments to the Long Title of a Bill be taken at the end of the clauses stage.

Written submissions should be sent to the Committee by 5th January 2018.

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To make a submission or for further information contact:
Committee Secretariat
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500

Published - 24/11/2017