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Tynwald Honour nominations invited

The Tynwald Honour

​Nominations are invited for the Tynwald Honour, the highest honour Tynwald can bestow. 

The honour is conferred upon only a single individual in any one year, with submissions considered by the Tynwald Honours Committee.  

First awarded in 2007 to Norman Sayle RI, the honour has since been bestowed upon Mr Harvey Briggs CP in 2008, Mr Ian Qualtrough JP in 2009, Dr Brian Stowell in 2010, Mr William Cain CBE in 2011, His Honour John Corrin CBE in 2012, Mrs Nadine Crowther MBE in 2013, Mr Hector Duff BEM in 2014 and Mr Geoff Karran MBE in 2015. 

When submitting nominations the following criteria should be considered: 

  • The recipient does not need to be Manx born but must have spent a significant portion of his or her life in the Island;  
  • The recipient must have made an outstanding contribution to one or more areas of Manx life; 
  • The committee does not see the award as being purely for those who have made a contribution in politics and government;  
  • The recipient should have made this contribution over a significant period of time and demonstrated a selfless commitment in so doing; 
  • The recipient must be motivated by the aim of promoting the quality of life in the Island and/or the wellbeing of its population;  
  • Normally a recipient would have to make an outstanding contribution in an area of life which is not necessarily his or her normal area of employment.  It is recognised, however, that in exceptional circumstances it may be appropriate for someone to be considered for the award because of their contribution made through their normal means of employment; and   
  • Because this award is to be a very high honour there should be no expectation that it would be made annually, rather it would be made when an individual is deemed to have met the criteria. 

Nominations should be submitted in writing to the Committee Secretariat, Legislative Buildings, Finch Road, Douglas, IM1 3PW or by email to Closing date September 30th, 2015. 


For further information:

Jonathan King

Deputy Clerk of Tynwald

Legislative Bulldings, Douglas, IM1 3PW

Tel: (01624) 685500


Published - 22/07/2015