Cultural Agreement

A cultural agreement between the Isle of Man and the Norfolk Islands was signed on 5th July 2011. While on the Isle of Man, as a guest for the Tynwald Day celebrations, Robin Adams, then Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, signed the agreement on behalf of Norfolk Island in the prescence of Tynwald Members and guests. On behalf of the Isle of Man the agreement was signed by, then President of Tynwald, Mr Noel Cringle OBE.

The cultural agreement, pictured here, states that -

  1. The Tynwald Court on the Isle of Man and the Legislative Assembly of Norfolk Island will promote closer links in developing cultural activity
  2. The established link between our two islands via The Bounty should be recognised on both Islands on each National Day, ie Anniversary (Bounty) Day on the 8th June and Tynwald Day on the 5th July
  3. Encouragement should be given to the exchange of music and dance via each local radio station and video recordings
  4. Educational establishments should be encouraged to exchange ideas, ultimately with a view to an exchange student scheme
  5. As each step is progressed then recognition should be marked in the Hansard of both Parliaments.

Norfolk Island, which was named so by Captain James Cook in 1774, after Mary Howard, Duchess of Norfolk, is situated in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. The inhabitants of the island, of which there are approximately 2,300, descend from the HMS Bounty mutineers who settled in 1856 from Pitcairn Island. The 13.4 square miles island is a self governed Australian territory with a Legislative Assembly which was established in 1979, the year in which Tynwald celebrated its millennium.