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Count= 35
collapse Chamber : House of Keys ‎(24)
Count= 24
29/09/2011Cannan, Alfred Louis MHKAlfred Louis CANNAN MHK
AlfAlfred Louis CANNAN MHKAyre and MichaelHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/05/2013Thomas, Christopher Charles MHKChristopher Charles THOMAS MHK
ChrisChristopher Charles THOMAS MHKDouglas CentralHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Moorhouse, Jason Robert MHKJason Robert MOORHOUSE MHK
JasonJason Robert MOORHOUSE MHKArbory, Castletown and MalewHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Corlett, Catherine Ann MHKCatherine Ann CORLETT MHK
AnnCatherine Ann CORLETT MHKDouglas CentralHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Ashford, David John MHKDavid John ASHFORD MHK
David David John ASHFORD MHKDouglas NorthHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Caine, Daphne Hilary Penelope MHKDaphne Hilary Penelope CAINE MHK
DaphneDaphne Hilary Penelope CAINE MHKGarffHouse of KeysDeputy Speaker of the House of KeysCurrent
22/09/2016Callister, Rob Edward MHKRob Edward CALLISTER MHK
RobRob Edward CALLISTER MHKOnchanHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Edge, Julie Marie MHKJulie Marie EDGE MHK
JulieJulie Marie EDGE MHKOnchanHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Allinson, Alexander John MHKAlexander John ALLINSON MHK
AlexAlexander John ALLINSON MHKRamseyHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
22/09/2016Hooper, Lawrie Lee MHKLawrie Lee HOOPER MHK
LawrieLawrie Lee HOOPER MHKRamseyHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/11/2006Watterson, Juan Paul MHKHon Juan Paul WATTERSON BA FCA FCMI SHK
Juan PaulJuan Paul Watterson BA FCA CMgr FCMI SHKRushenHouse of KeysSpeaker of the House of KeysCurrent
25/08/2019Barber, Clare Louise MHKClare Louise BARBER MHK
ClareClare Louise BARBER (nee Bettison) MHKDouglas EastHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
27/08/2020Christian, Claire Sarah Beverley MHKClaire Sarah Beverley CHRISTIAN MHK
ClaireClaire Sarah Beverley CHRISTIAN MHKDouglas SouthHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Crookall, Timothy Mark MHKTimothy Mark CROOKALL MHK
TimTimothy Mark CROOKALL MHKGlenfaba and PeelHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Faragher, Joney Leanne MHKJoney Leanne FARAGHER MHK
JoneyJoney Leanne FARAGHER MHKDouglas EastHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Glover, Timothy Simon MHKTimothy Simon GLOVER MHK
TimTimothy Simon GLOVER MHKArbory, Castletown and MalewHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Haywood, Michelle Elena Kay MHKMichelle Elena Kay HAYWOOD MHK
MichelleMichelle Elena Kay HAYWOOD MHKRushenHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Johnston, Timothy David MHKTimothy David JOHNSTON MHK
TimTimothy David JOHNSTON MHKAyre and MichaelHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Lord-Brennan, Kate Alice MHKKate Alice LORD-BRENNAN MHK
KateKate Alice LORD-BRENNAN MHKGlenfaba and PeelHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Maltby, Sarah Louise MHKSarah Louise MALTBY MHK
SarahSarah Louise MALTBY MHKDouglas SouthHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Peters, Stuart Gordon MHKStuart Gordon PETERS MHK
StuStuart Gordon PETERS MHKMiddleHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Poole-Wilson, Jane Pearl MHKJane Pearl POOLE-WILSON MHK
JaneJane Pearl POOLE-WILSON MHKMiddleHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Smith, Andrew Joseph MHKAndrew Joseph SMITH MHK
AndrewAndrew Joseph SMITH MHKGarffHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
23/09/2021Wannenburgh, John Charles MHKJohn Charles WANNENBURGH MHK
JohnJohn Charles WANNENBURGH MHKDouglas NorthHouse of KeysMHKCurrent
collapse Chamber : Legislative Council ‎(11)
Count= 11
18/03/2013Quinn, John Esq QC HMAGJohn Marie Louis QUINN QC HMAG
JohnJohn QUINN QC HMAGLegislative CouncilAttorney GeneralCurrent
16/03/2015Henderson, Robert William MLCRobert William HENDERSON MLC
BillRobert William HENDERSON MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
30/09/2017Eagles, The Rt Rev Peter Andrew MLCThe Rt Rev Peter Andrew EAGLES MLC
Peter AndrewThe Rt Rev Peter Andrew EAGLES MLCLegislative CouncilBishop of Sodor and ManCurrent
12/03/2018August-Hanson, Tanya Marie MLCTanya Marie AUGUST-HANSON MLC
TanyaTanya Marie AUGUST-HANSON MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
12/03/2018Sharpe, Kerry MLCKerry SHARPE MLC
KerryKerry SHARPE MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
01/01/2019Maska, Marlene Madora MLCMarlene Madora MASKA MLC
MarleneMarlene Madora MASKA MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
17/03/2020Mercer, Robert John MLCRobert John MERCER MLC
RobertRobert John MERCER MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
17/03/2020Greenhill, Peter Alfred MLCPeter Alfred GREENHILL MLC
PeterPeter Alfred GREENHILL MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
20/07/2021Skelly, Laurence David MLCThe Hon Laurence David SKELLY MLC
LaurenceThe Hon Laurence David SKELLY MLCLegislative CouncilPresident of TynwaldCurrent
23/11/2021Craine, Paul MLCPaul CRAINE MLC
PaulPaul CRAINE MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent
23/11/2021Kelsey, Diane MLCDiane KELSEY MLC
DianeDiane KELSEY MLCLegislative CouncilCurrent